Name: Sammy Kay
Birthday: 03/13/94
Gender: Female
Location: Iowa
Ethnicity: Dutch, Irish, German, French, & Greek

1) I Am A Very Abnormal & Random Girl.
2) I Tend To Like Males More Than Females Because I Tend To Get Along Better With Them. So Girls, Don’t Freak When Your Man Would Rather Talk To Me Than You. So For Just A Fair Warning, If You Come At Me With A PMS Attitude About How I’m “Stealing Your Boyfriend” I’ll Just Beat You Right To It. I’m Not Stealing Your Man, He Is My Friend, I Am Not Some Slutty Whore Who Thinks I Can Get Any Guy I Want. So Beat It!
3) I Am Perverted For Being A Girl. Reason? Most My Life I Hung Out With Guys Because That’s What Most My Family Was; Males.
4) I Do Call Some People Hun, Babe, Baby, Etc. Because They Are Really Close. Don’t Like It? I Don’t Care. You Don’t Have To Respond To It. It’s Just How I Am. So I Have No Reason To Apologize For It.
5) I Have Been Known To Flirt Without Knowing. So If You Don’t Like It. Again, I Don’t Care. I Can’t Control How I Act When I Don’t Know When I’m Doing It.
6) I Tend To Make Spelling Errors Or Use My Own Type Of Language. So Don’t Try & Correct Me Or You Will Be Warned &/Or Added To The Very Long List Of Blocked People.
7) I Am A HUGE Smart a**.

About Me: I Am Naturally A Fun-Loving Girl. I Love Sports: Basketball, Football, Baseball, Hockey, Soccer, & More. For NFL I Am A Greenbay Fan; Hockey: Sioux City Musketeers; Baseball: Sioux City Explorers; Basketball: BVU; & For Soccer: Thundercats. Most Of The Teams Are Unprofessional Or College/Highschool Teams. I Am A COMPLETE Animal Lover. I Hope To Work With Exotic Animals In My Future. I Am Obsessed With The Cheshire Cat & Dog Tags. I Have A Few Nicknames From My Friends/Family. For Instance I've Been Called "Babydoll," "Sammy Sexy Bottoms,” “Little Monster,” “Sammy-Poo,” “Panda Bear/Panda,” & More. You CANNOT Call Me By Any Of Those Names Because They Are Personal To Me & My Friends/Family. So, Therefore, You May Make Up Your Own Nickname For Me IF I Allow You To Call Me By My Real Name. I Love To Read Books. Most My Collection, However, Are Based Around Vampires. I Have A Nintendo WII System Where I Like To Play War/Action/Battle Games {EXAMPLE: Resident Evil 4, HALO, Left4Dead, Call Of Duty}. I Also Own A Xbox 360 Elite. Well, I'll Add More Later. You're Welcome To Ask Questions. Buh-Bai! =3


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Evaline Ryuujin Report | 05/17/2012 3:52 am
Evaline Ryuujin
-lowers guns- hello
luc-y XXY Report | 05/10/2012 1:38 pm
luc-y XXY
haha awwh thanks~!