Congratulations stranger C: You've stumbled across the page of possibly one of the most loveable, yet strangest ******** you'll ever know. I doubt you're even going to read this whole thing ;D I dare you to, TRIPLE DOG DARE >:3
To start off, I can't yet reveal to you my name and or location. For you are still a stranger... and if I did those actions it would be rather... well, strange.

Plushies! Another thing about me, I absolutely LOVE plushies. (Stuffed animals, for some) They're there for me when a real person can't be, and they make amazing companions C: Nine times out of ten, I'll be playing with one of mine while talking to you. I have a few C: And they're all sorts of animals. If you'd like to see pictures of them, i shall take some ;o They are my camera whores.
Animals! I love them, so much! I highly dislike animal abuse, though, and extremely disapprove any thoughts of animal abuse, or jokes. I have a dog C: His name is Dale (After Dale Earnhardt, the Nascar driver. May he rest in peace) and he's a dachshund! He's kind of old ;o He'll jump on you and try to lick you on the cheek, and I let him, because he's so cute. My favorite animals are also any member of the dog family! Especially foxes; coming out at my top favorite C: And wolves taking second place. I sadly don't have any wolf plushies though... *Hinthint* ;D
Movies and Entertainment! My favorite movie of all time is The Lion King (: I am EXTREMELY obsessed with it, and will immediately love anybody who shares the same interest. If I'm with someone and a movie is to be watched, this is the first one I'll suggest C: I'm a sucker for most Disney movies, although their new works aren't the best. For entertainment, though, I'm just your average teenager who plays Halo reack on X-Box 360 every now and then ;o I don't call myself good, but anything under my crosshairs can and will die C: I also have an intense love for the Kingdom Hearts series, although I've only really played One and Two xD Gaia also has a good portion of my heart C:
Messages and Profile Comments! I absolutely love it when I get messages C: But I do NOT reply to “What's up?”, “Hi”, “Hey”, Etc, or your average scene kid "Random noun + random verb + random noun", It's not cool, it's lame. No, I'm not a snob, I just don't like to translate your shitty abbreviations :'D Also, I barely ever message people (I reply, I just never start the message chain) So if I message you, I expect a reply, because that means you're special D< As far as profile comments go, I looooove getting them C: They make my heart smile, lots.
Reading and Writing and Drawing! Yep, that's right, I love to write C: Whether it be silly little short stories, or poetry of my deepest emotions, I just love writing, period. As far as reading goes, I love books, especially well-written horror/mystery. Yes, I've actually read the Twilight series. And while I don't dislike it, I don't exactly love it either. They were a fairly interesting read. Ask me about anymore series and we shall see my opinion! C:
Idols! Yep, I do idolize some people o: Eminem being one of the biggest. He's a ******** lyrical genius, and I love him for it <3 Every one of his songs can put me in awe, at just how amazing his mind is. I also idolize Faith Hill. Her voice is beautiful as is she and so are her songs. I'm glad he's on this planet. Other idols include My brother Dylan, Daddy, My mommy, for giving birth to me. My Uncle Ricky, for getting as drunk as can be and not be on a hang over the next mroning (can refer back to my brother).
Standards! Yes, I have them, so don't come around with your whore face and expect me to have cam sex with you D< I've never had cam sex, and never will, it's icky and awkward! I also have standards on grammar, so if you 'tipe lyk diz', just go away -.- I don't have time to literally DECIPHER what you're saying into English. Also, excessive netspeak? No. I don't care if you're extremely intelligent and use big words, excessive usage of netspeak/textspeak makes you stupid. D<
Obsessions! For Narnia! Yep, I'm obsessed with Narnia and Aslan. If I'm ever rich, I'm going to create a little bit of Narnia in my back yard :'D Dream come true! The Lion King, another one of my obsessions. Root Beer, which is also something I drink too much of ._. My teeth are going to rot out because of it, but that's fine :'D Other obsessions include plushies, music, pizza, Halo, fake blood, video games in general, sleeping.
And that's all for now, folks! I could write forever about myself, and tell you everything C: But I'm not going to, I'd have to write a ******** novel xD If you'd like to finish getting to know me, feel free to ask questions, send messages, whatever C: Major, major props if you actually read that wholeeee thing. Also, there may be grammatical errors up there too... o: So feel free to message me, correcting me on those too xD That's all for now, I guess :3 Message me >D Do it!

MSN: lilmonk95@yahoo.com
Likes! The Lion King, Hair, Hugs, Grammar, Writing, Reading, Music, People who can carry on a conversation, Voice chatting, Big words, Dogs, especially wolves and foxes, Food, especially cookies, Knives, Nuclear warheads, Energy drinks, especially Rockstar, Root Beer, Plushies, Drawing, Photo manipulation, Horror movies, Comedy movies, Bubbles, Curse words, r When you get into that perfect position in bed and not even a house fire will get you up, When iTunes somehow magically ******** KNOWS your mood and shuffles to the songs you like,When the energy drink can is full, Going to sleep in one position and waking up in the same position, Stalkers
Dislikes! Animal abuse, Hospitals, Needles, Dinosaur bugs, People who use excessive netspeak/textspeak, People who try to act smart using a dictionary/thesaurus, Assholes, People who don't understand that PLUSHIES HAVE FEELINGS TOO, Overly religious people, When the energy drink can is empty, Somehow doing gymnastics in my sleep and tearing off my bed sheets, When people send messages saying just "Hey", Unintelligent people, Homophobes, Being woke up to little sisters wanting to go somewhere, Getting hit with a full Pepsi can, Running out of hair products, Burning myself with a straightener, Falling after you do a cool hair flip


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Briaannnnaaaa! <3

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Hia, I saw ur comment on my wall so I wanted to say hello :3
john midnight hunter

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hi i sent you a friend request on face book
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same here im sorry i have to go now and gives you a big hug talk to you later bye
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its ok hugs
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awwwwww me wants some
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awwwwww lucky
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thats cool and not much just bored and you
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thats cool and it was ok and how was your day


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