Alright, so I absolutely LOVE music!!!! Especially Goth-metal, Alternative, punk, and rock, I would list all the artists I like, but that would be a waste of both your and my time. So as I type this, I am listening to Diamond eyes. I found out that Phenomenon by Thousand Foot Krutch is apparently Christian Alternative metal, which I don't get. I'm a Catholic who reads the bible for fun and will randomly start singing Christian music to piss off Athiests sometimes, but i seriously don't get what nitrous has to do with God, seriously. My favorite bands are Nightwish, Linkin Park, (the old) Chiodos (with Craig Owens), Thousand Foot Krutch, and Within Temptation (which i actually found on iTunes looking for Breaking Benjamin songs.) and my favorite Nightwish song is Plannet Hell, Linkin Park is Bleed it out, and Within Temptation is hard to decide. I like all of their songs (:but i would have to say i like Angels the best. But I also love Is It Progression If a Cannibal Uses a Fork? by Chiodos! I found it while playing the Sims 2 (yeah they have this song simified in the metal section... That's a fail isn't it?)
I officially have an iTunes obsession... Every five minutes I start half-twitching because I have the over-whelming urge to go on iTunes and buy music... It is sad and pretty soon I think that it'll make my parents broke... It is their money that I'm using... But my aunt said that I could be doing worse things with their credit card. At least I'm not on drugs... That's what my aunt says, anyway. Besides, I don't think I mind. They listen to the exact same music that I do! And that you are listening to right now if you didn't pause my playlist... Which you shouldn't have cuz let's face it, it's awesomeness. You don't see those pop singers blowing their vocale cords like that!!! n_n
I love to read. I am anxiously awaiting 2011 so i can read the next Mortal Instruments book. Whenever I read a book I always have a fail moment and whether or not I like it, I will buy and read all the sequels just because if I don't my book collection would be incomplete (you can't have that) I also display every book I read in my bookcase and it's organized alphabetically. (that's the only thing I ever bothered to organize... EVER...) I do NOT read anime for 3 reasons.
#1.) the last time i said i wanted to read it to my mom, she stared at me like i was crazy and asked, "You what?" so i never brought it up again. I love my mom and she lets me glare at little children and mothers as they walk past in stores while i blas Psychosocial by Slipknot and dress all goth with a black hoodie on, but i guess anime isn't her cup of tea...
#2,) I want to be an author and have since 1st grade, and that doesn't involve cute little drawings... (plus i cant draw them anyway...)
#3.) (probably the most correct reason) I think I'm afraid that if I get into the whole anime thing, I'll go through my obsessive Pokemon stage again. I was absolutely in love with that show for 3 years (it was ages 6-9) until when I was nine we were staying at a hotel and i made possibly the best decision of my life. I decided that Pokemon was not cool and stopped watching it and therefore people stopped making fun of me for it. Whenever they bring it up now i'm like "I have no idea what you're talking about, weirdo..." yeah so only my bffs that i knew at the time fully remember my Pokemon stage. (though my old babysitters son still owes me my Eevie card back... the other kids like 9 and he's emo now... hes got the hair going on and he likes to read Twilight...? it's quite creepy, he used to like beating people up and watching Nascar... I guess i should have seen that coming though, he always wore footsie pjs and thought that he could sing like Carrie Underwood... Yeah, now that i look back at it, it is quite obvious... My brother says his name finally did it in for him...)
I tend to go through stages like that, first it was Barney, then it was the Powerpuff Girls, then Pokemon, then Hannah Montana, then Wizards of Waverly Place, then American Idol, and now the only telivision i watch is movies and... GLEE!!!!! (possibly the most amazing show ever) I absolutely LOVE Kurt!!!! He is so awesome and funny! One of my bff's love him too its so funny. Lets face it, he's awesome. We also all agree that whoever plays Puck is really hot. So i started watching it, got one of my other bff's to watch it, and we both got another one of my bffs to watch it and Bloodstone ocasionally tunes in.
So I have a little brother whos a suck up sometimes but i love him anyway... Im not sure the feelings mutual, but whateva. I think he loves Modern Warfare 2 more than he loves me. Which is sad... Yesterday he told me that my future involves a straightjacket and lots of therapists... I am pretty sure you all get what he means by that. Today he also agreed that my Twilight reading ex-babysitters kid has officially gone mad and that he probably still wears footsie pjs and probably cuts himself while he sleeps.
I am currently writin a book with Bloodstone Angel so i guess you should check it out in the arenas which I finally got around to posting (Bloodstone totally owes me) so it's called Broken. Ya, check it out. It's probably really bad so be nice with the comments, people! Don't hurt my feelings... )':
My worst subjects are probably science and pre-algebra (i was 2 stupid to make it into algebra like most of the smart kids in my grade did) I'm best at english in lit, even though in high school i'm not going into any honors classes (mostly cause I'm a slacker and i daydream more often than i pay attention) but somehow I managed to get an award in English, lit, art, science, and pre-algebra which both shock me and make me happy because most of those were in the arts except pre-algebra and science (I got most improved in science though, which is sorta embarassing but the rest were special recognition) (: But for some reason I think that the high school I'm going into thinks I'm stupid or something cuz they put me in this effing "Freshman's Piolet" thing and my mom and I were like WTF?!? You know, I made honor roll every effing time and i did better than all my friends on the test thingy we had to take for it, so yeah. It's stupid.
I hate people that are way 2 overemotional and over-react when their boyfriend buys them a size 2 big or 2 small in clothes when they were obviously trying 2 b nice and the girls all like, "ARE YOU CALLING ME FAT?!?!?"and they start like hyperventalating and stuff and throw a huge fit and I'm all like, "GEEZE, WOMAN!!!! GET OVER YOURSELF!!!!! THIS IS THE TYPE OF BEHAVIOR THAT GIVES GUYS BAD IMPRESSIONS AND CAUSES ALL THE HOT ONES (except Taylor Lautner) TO GO GAY!!!!" I mean seriously!!! All they hot guys now are gay!!!! It makes me sad. Why can't the hot guys be straight?!? Its because of girls like that i tell u!!!!
So if you haven't noticed, I'm Catholic. A big Catholic, actually. A couple weeks ago I downloaded some gospel music on my iPod for no reason at all. (Ever heard Testify to Love? Now that song's catchy.) I go to church nearly every sunday and sometimes i read the bible for fun and then underline the verses that i find creepy (I'm sure Bloodstone knows what im talking about) I also found out that Catholic is the religion with the most marital affairs (which means people cheating on each other) and i was all like "OH YEAHZ!!!! TAKE DAT PRISSY ATIESTS!!!! YOU DON'T HAVE AS MANY MARITAL AFFAIRS AS WE DO!!!! ONE DAY I'M GONNA BRAG IT TO YOUR FACE WITH MY MULTIPLE BOYFRIENDS AND HUSBAND!!!!" then my aunt was like, "I regret telling you that..." So yeah, think we're prissy? You should see me and my friends!!!!
Oh, and just for the record you cannot be un-religious. IF YOU DON'T BELIEVE IN GOD YOU ARE NOT RELIGION-LESS YOU ARE AN ATIEST!!!! IT IS ABSOLUTELY IMPOSSIBLE TO NOT HAVE A RELIGION UNLESS YOU DON'T BELIEVE IN ANY SPECIFIC RELIGION!!!! Like if you believe there COULD be a God but you just don't dwell on it that is non-religious because you don't disbelieve or believe in anything specifically!!!! Sorry, just had to point that out because i see Athiests say they are non-religious all the time. ATHIEISM IS THE RELIGION OF NOT HAVING A RELIGION!!!!! IT'S STILL A RELIGION, ATHIESTS!!!! CLEARIN THAT OUT FOR YA!!!!!
I'm republican (sorry bloodstone) and i think Obama is a good example why the elephant rules. I may be Raibow DONKEY princess, but that doesn't make me a rainbow democrat...
I have this obsession with my kitty... She's just so CUTE!!! So whenever moments get awkward I'll just ramdomly say something about her and it'll just get even more awkward... Geeze, I need a new hobby, or even better. I need to get a life! (or maybe I just need a boyfriend... Hmmm... I think I'll go with that one...)
I want to be an author really badly but I guess if that doesn't work out for me then I am going to become a theologion. Not like a nun or anything, like those people that you see on the History channel and Discovery and National Geographics, you know those people that like try and uncover the mysteries of the bible. (:
I have social issues... As in my dad scared me outta trusting anybody. So PLEASE! Unless I actually know you in real life, don't ask me any personal questions like, "How old are you?" cuz I'll be like, "WHAT'S IT TO YOU MOTHA F**KA!!!!" I mean seriously? If I want you to know I'll tell you... So don't be creeped out if I don't like talking to you. Personally I think you should take as much precaution as I do... I mean, for all you know I could be an 85 year old whore (I'd be teh sexiest damn 85 year old you've ever seen!!!) or I could not even be a girl at all, I could be like some 40 year old child melester who lives with his mommy and plays modern warfare all day. (He's at top level) Not that I am, but for all you know, I could be.
My favorite food is cheese dip and cracker sticks. My least favorite food is... wait for it... PIZZA. Yeah that's right, I hate pizza with the fire of a million suns. It tastes bad... so you know what, if you're one of the few people that just so happen to hate pizza, friend me, okay?
so yups, i am fairly borin i guess! I luvs my kitty to death and her fur is so shiny!!!!!!
And yes, my goal was to make possibly the longest about section on Gaia. If someone's is longer, tell me and their about shall no longer beat out mine!!! Course you don't HAVE to... But you should. Buh-bye!


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I took your lumiere noire. I'm not selling it so you can have it back. I may or may not put you back in clothes. thanks buddy.
did you change the password on me?
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since it's been two years I'm stealing your s**t.... skye roped me back in for the summer and yeah I'm broke. that's why you're naked.
I'm never gonna tell you about this in person because it's just awkward. I really don't want to be here but I can't leave skye alone... soooo
love you
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If you don't watch this we aren't friends anymore

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Hey biggrin
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This is so beautiful:
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