Hi there stalker~ C:
I bet you’re here to find some out some things about me, right?! : D
Well, let me introduce myself *bows*

My name? Well my name is for me, myself and I to know (;
You can call me Purgatory, Nathaniel, or whatever you want as long as I’m okay with it derp~ :B

Facts about me:
- I’m a girl
- I’m 16 : D (but I -unintentionally- act like a 6 year old)
- My attention span is really sho-oh look! A squirrel! *points at nuts*
- I’m super clumsy and way too lazy -for my own good-, yet somehow I managed to be a detail freak ._.
- I love animals~
- I love to sing and dance and act like a superstar when I’m alone in my room <3 (I don’t even know why I said that *facepalm* haha..)
- I’m a movie junkie (just not a sucker for romance *shrug* :B)
- And a bookworm C:
- I use emoticons on every sentence possible J:
- I love watching TV shows and Anime (just not on TV)
- If you asked me about my phobias, I would go on and on and on and on… ouo
- I like to make people around me smile and laugh (:
- I love snow!! <3
- I’m derpy most of the time V:
- I have a wild imagination (that gets me in trouble sometimes lol)
- People tell me I’m not normal. Well, being normal is too mainstream hurrdurr~ G:
- I’m outgoing and open minded, but shy and quiet at first X:
- I babble a lot shishi~ C:
- I love making friends
- I would love to be friends with you, PM me xoxo