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Thank you xXxvampire_L_yaoixXx for the wonderful avi art

Thank you Made of Awesome

And thank you Rena

Wonderful! Thank you Kakkara18

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Art done by me. But HUGE thank you to Trixsy for coloring it. I looove it.

I feel so bad about not being able to thank the next three right. I forgot when I asked for art and who gave it to me.

I think this was for the...Olympics event...? Well, thank you to whoever drew me.

And this had to be during the Summer 07' event. Again, thank you to whoever you are.

Woo, this was a long time ago, when my user name was still Medic-nin. Maybe Christmas 06' or maybe Summer 2k7...Thank you for my first avi art too.
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Favorite anime:
+I'm not really into anime anymore but there are still a few that are considered "classic" to me:
-Zoids (CC/GF)
-Yu Yu Hakusho
-Outlaw Star

Favorite Games:
-Mario Cart
-Call of Duty: 4, World at War (especially Nazi Zombies), Modern Warfare 2
---am online for all above games during holidays. Need to trade Pkm? Wanna race? Have a jonesen' for killing nazi zombies? PM me and we can trade screennames/wii codes/friend codes.

Favorite artists (as I can name off the top of my head):


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True Manticore

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True Manticore

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Thank you for the tip! :3


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If one anticipates the {f u t u r e}
and the moment something happens is considered the past,
then where is the present?

I feel so loved
<3 <3
Glad ya like it Powerful

Maybe this thing called life,
is nothing more then { { memory } } and
time is nothing more then a mere i l l u s i o n
Sid Eclipse

Report | 06/26/2009 7:49 pm

Sid Eclipse

Cute avi ^^
Ditched this account 0

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Ditched this account 0

Nice av ;]

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Thanks for the wonderful Easter art....<3 woots

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449 tickets for 1225 gold?

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This is seoungmina's new account. My old account got hacked so I ask that you delete her from your friend list and add me instead. Thank you. I also have more tickets if you are interested.

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A Madness Most Discreet

Report | 02/12/2009 10:35 am

A Madness Most Discreet

Thanks for buying.

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Send me a trade for 7K and we have a deal ^^


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Wanted: 1x1 at semi-lit level. Send PM to discuss plot and setting.

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