Hello strangers and friends. I see you would like to know a few things about me. Funny how I never know what is too much or too little to put down... I'll try my best to get some of the important things down.

My name is Rose and I am a dreamer and a realist. Some say I would make a good psycologist becuse of my ability to know a person just by a conversation; realise their pains and sorrows and maybe even why they have them. I'm empathetic and not just to the pathetic.
I am complicated. You can know me, but I don't even know who I am, so the me you may know may not be the whole me or the me you think you know.
I plan to be a published writer one day and I love to read, draw, and dabble in photography. I enjoy archery and role playing. I find school to mostly be easy and participate in my high school band (marching and concert seasons, though enjoying concert more).
My location isn't particularly important, but I am American so I am bound to be tainted by the material desires fueled by the society here. I am able to enjoy all of the seasons to their fullest where I am; winter being cruel, summer sizzling, spring bouncy and equally rainy, and fall cool and colorful.
I enjoy a good dose of sarcasm everyday and tend to be a tad bit on the crude times when I find a liking for you, but it's all in good sport. Laughter is my medicine for everything exept suffocation and drowning. My personality is more fun than my actions; in that catagory my life is rather dull. I've been told that I'm extremely nice, though, through my sarcasm and such. I am a reasonably good listener and can provide advice for your problems, whatever genre they may be of.

There is quite a bit more to me, I'm sure, but I think you should message me for a conversation if you want to find out any more. I do enjoy rather random messages from strangers if you go about it polietly and do not become annoying.



A poem I found amongst my grandmother's things:

Untill The Last Sunset

Love is a celebration
A budding flower in spring
Love is a standing ovation
Love is the song we sing.

Come clsoer, my love, in the cool of the night
And lie in my arms till the warm morning light.
My heat to you shall be an ever open door
For this love shall endure till sun rises no more.

Till sun rise no more and the stars fade away
As from the first morning, so till the last day.
Forged in eternity was our bright bond
I will love you untill the last sunset-and beyond.

Love is the dawn and the twilight
Love is the shining of eyes,
The glorious soaring of birdflight
The music of infinite skies...

Speak softly, touch softly, with fingtips trace
So lightly the memorized curves of a face.
Laugh gladly, smile gently, with no need to speak
And share in the finding of all that we seek.

Love is a fire in the coldness
Burning both brightly and warm
Love is a light in the darkness
The peace in the midst of the storm.

Share memories, share moments for just two alone
Born of love that exsisted before the sun ever shone
And will grow with each beat of the heart, each breath,
For love conquers all and is stronger than death.

Till sun rise no more and the stars fade away
As from the first morning, so till the last day
Forged in eternity was our bright bond
I will love you untill the last summer-and beyond

Love is the inspiration
Love is the give we bring
Love is the consecration
Love is the song we sing.

-Judith M. Suhrwilliams


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LOL, look at me sneaking all around your profile...it's like'07 all over again XD

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I'm saying hi because I haven't said hi in a while. HI.
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Interesting blue-chick look!
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awww u are too, you make me want to do great things

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Cool avi
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