Yaa Minna! My name is Day !

Moshi Moshi, My name is Day. I don't like telling my real name on the internet to people I really don't know. But anyway, I love music heart . I'm a good singer and I want to be a model/producer/author/poet/psychologist. And if you didn't mad know by now: idea I'm learning Japanese and Spanish so yeah. I also teach English to people that are trying to learn it. If you message me: be prepared for me to reply back in Spanish or Japanese.I have a myspace and facebook and all the other websites: but i don't go on it much.Got a few cool best friends because most chicks are phony and fake. Don't have to worry about that with my best friends. question I keep my secrets and keep everyone else's and pretty mysterious. Want to know anything more, don't hesitate to email me and I'll reply back!! Peace, love and Happiness. ♥™ heart

Ganbatte ne! cat_biggrin

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