Dang, I even forgot that was there.

First of all, I'd like to mention my webcomic. It's not really that, well, good, but I've been looking into actually doing it for a living since all I do is draw. Mainly I started it to see what kind of work I'd be up against. There's a sh*tload of hours that fly by, but I'd hardly call it work. It's fun.

Second of all, did I ever mention my almost-disgusting addiction to Star Trek? I don't think I did. I own all the (good) movies. I've almost memorized every episode from TOS and I know almost all there is to know about TNG, though I wouldn't pride myself on a vast knowledge. I'm surprised I got all the way through that without the slightest mention of Star Trek. I practically eat sleep and breathe tribbles for crying out loud.
By the by, tribbles do NOT make for good meals.

I'm a Junior in high school.
I'm a girl who plays lots of video games. I was born a console gamer, but I slowly progressed to PC. I play FPS on PC and mostly RPGs on console, though I pwn any fighting game except Tekken (sadly, it is the only game I cannot master). As far as arcades go, any shooters will do, especially TC. I also do a lot of DDR, heavy singles or doubles (though I'm just harnessing my skill on doubles.)
I get other physical activity though. I run and sometimes I'll play tennis, IRL. I usually play tennis on my Wii though.

I'm an avid ACD (Arthur Conan Doyle) reader as of late. Sherlock Holmes makes me laugh, even though he's a bit of an asshole. But that's just because he's so much smarter than everyone else. Those stupid police detectives are all "OOOH HOLMES! WE NEED YOUR HELP CUZ WE'RE STUPID" all the while thinking they're actually going to solve the case, coming up with their own (premature) theories and thinking they're so smart. And then Holmes springs up after hearing how stupid everyone else is and goes "Alright guys, I've actually had the real criminal locked in this closet the whole time. But rest assured, you've really entertained me. You're all so dim-witted and stupid. Now go take all the credit from me." And then they do. Really, those damn official detectives are the assholes.


I draw constantly. During class, during tests, watching TV, going to sleep, I've even drawn while bathing (which turned out to be rather useless in the end).
I draw, everywhere. I'd say I spend about 85% of my present life tooning. I draw realistically for my school and then my cartoon for my friends. <3
It's pretty awesome, though I still don't have a drawing tablet.
I GOT MY DRAWING TABLET! It makes everything look 200% better and it gets done twice as fast too. I was commissioned to draw a poster for a band concert too. Nothing big. But still, it was fun. :] It makes my webcomic work go smoothly and a lot more quickly.

Consoles include:
SNES, N64, Gamecube, PS1, PS2.
And that's not just any SNES. That's an SNES that plays the greatest Mario game in existence, Legend of the Seven Stars RPG.

I've been a bit under the happiness radar lately, and Gaia was "a thing of the past" for a few months. I'm making a partial recovery.


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Wait, who IS that girl?

This is my Journal Headshot. Err, header.

I decided I needed to create a journal to log how much I pwn. I always lose track of what I pwn and who I pwn and when I pwn. Well, I always pwn, so I don't really track that because it'd be like "Hours I pwned today: 24. Hours I pwned yesterday: 27.


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first comment of 2009 User Image and youre either banned or abandonned gaia, shame
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Your webcomic rocks, my dear Watson ! User Image

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-hugs myself until you get back- nwn <3
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i want your avi!!!!!!!!!!!

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<3 Where you at hun ?
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nice avi!

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You see, but you do not observe. <3

-"Words are the means to meaning, and for some, the annunciation of truth."

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Nice profile.



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