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Dem losers

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FoxBoi101 Report | 12/28/2015 3:05 pm
alright i can be the same somtimes =p

mines Xaolion, shouldnt be to hard to find.
FoxBoi101 Report | 12/28/2015 4:13 am
Its hard to pick since some were not translated to english =|
but tales of symphonia is a good start to give you a little bit of the basic knowledge of the game.

maybe ill try it out ;p, hey is there any a way for me to contact you other than gaia comments? dont know when either of us will just forget about this game neutral
FoxBoi101 Report | 12/28/2015 1:35 am
nuuu xp im using an axbox one controller for the game, its only for pc and ps4 i believe?

i've never touched bioshock lol
FoxBoi101 Report | 12/28/2015 12:08 am
tales of zestiria with the xbox one controller is amazing heart
the pay was like 8.47 but popping 80-100 hours a week made up with the over time confused
FoxBoi101 Report | 12/27/2015 11:44 pm
was working in a cannery, in a town called Egegik Alaska

i couldnt get into tm2 it felt soo overwhelming for a newbie =, binding of issac is fun every once in awhile

ahh playing fps, and moba's without an mouse is damn near impossible haha
FoxBoi101 Report | 12/27/2015 10:42 pm
i know you pain kind of sweatdrop quit a full time job due to poor management... then went to work in Alaska for awhile oh god was that awful i felt like the whitest mexican in Alaska.. place was sketchy, bears walking on to the property so we had to get the only sheriff on the peninsula to scare it away... ah but do i miss the hours we got rofl burning_eyes

what steam games ;o?!
FoxBoi101 Report | 12/27/2015 10:26 pm
ehhh i just came back to see how much my items would sell for just to reminisce i guess?
other than that just league of legends sweatdrop
FoxBoi101 Report | 12/27/2015 10:14 pm
i was pretty bummed as well, i was like where am i going to get free gold for fun now? =c

ohhh, still rping?
FoxBoi101 Report | 12/27/2015 10:06 pm
wow o= same i've been out of school for 2 years as well
sib? i only came back to see what changed and well... the inflation is crazy lol...
FoxBoi101 Report | 12/27/2015 9:36 pm
yes it has xD, i've been pretty good, how about you smile ?