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Occupation: angry person

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No mercy.

24 / she / pa, usa

sometimes i post in CB.
you can reach me at.
skype: sting-ie


"u were such a mean d**k tbh. i wanted to strangle u everytime i saw that flowery eyes thingy" - binapples

"iroooooooooooooooooooooooc i wanna tackle u so u could hit ur head and faint then nurse u back to health tbh" - binapples

"i want the whole world to know that my last wish was for u to shitpost as a pissbaby in cb with a flower on ur head" - binapples

"panopticism is the best person in the whole world tbh they r so mean so it makes u want to kick their throats with a knife but at the same time they r so cute u just wanna nurse them back to health they r like an illegal forbidden drug thats so sweet but bad for ur health i wanna kill the pissbaby (◡‿◡✿)" - binapples



Under Contruction