Name: Syra Rouges
Age: 20
Race: Human
Eyes: Gray
Hair: Teal
Height: 5'4
Weight: 54kg
Scars: Right eye, from a childhood friend during one of their training missions. Burn from left ankle all the way up to left thigh; received from a rival clan members fire whip that managed to get entangled around her leg.
Tattoos: "Always Remember" tattooed around left wrist, and the Rouge clan crest on left shoulder blade
Personality: Once a fiery spirit, now calmed with age though still very opinionated when it comes to the topic of females being strong and ninjas. Calm and cool on the outside but beware on the inside shes still got some of the fiery bite hiding.
Family: Both Mother and father are deceased, God father and brother are MIA.
Biography: TBA


Speed: 4
Stamina: 2.5
Intelligence: 3
Force: 3

Poison claws: An altered technic from one of her teachers, Hayato. Painting her nails with a poison infused nail polish, the slightest scratch from sharpened nails will transfer the toxins from the polish into the blood stream. Each nail is painted with a different type of poison though the attack only works twice per nail.

Dance of the dead:{Requires ninja wire} This move is only usable if a person is dead. Throwing out wire the wire seeks out a body with no pulse and attaches to its main points in which the wire weilder can now control the corpse like a puppet for attacks/defense/or a decoy. Limit is 2 people and one must force their own energy through the wires to use this ability.

Poison darts: TBA

Throw of the four heavens: {Requires ninja wire and large shurikin} TBA

Seinaru Ryu: {The Holy Dragon} TBA

Forest Shroud:


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Grande Mhysa

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Grande Mhysa

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That Shinobi Kid

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That Shinobi Kid

"Syra-chan it's me Ryu, Father is showing signs of waking up from his coma so when you see this return to Osaka to Father"
Call me Hayato

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Call me Hayato

Nice profile

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you poked me

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mmm I don't know about that. Coco makes a pretty tough argument *holds up puppy*

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that's true I guess...few desk jobs I would enjoy doing :/ unless I was making something...*holds pencil with love* heart

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Ah, sounds..interesting I guess...all I do is put boxes on shelves. Heavy boxes @-@

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what are you up to?


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