Hi! I'm a 24yo single dude from Scotland who loves to draw, write, make music, read, game, fursuit to convs... All that stuff.

I have a big love for anything horror and gore, esp eroguro, so I'll probably fall in love with you if you talk to me about that.

I've been into furry stuff 13 years, and have four fursuits!
I'll often look for commissioning or trading for art of my characters. I have over 1000 commissions I've collected over the years, and I'm not stopping anytime soon! I have photos of my suits over on DA.

Find me on other places;
Discord - Vault#4564
Tumblr - U-Gun-B-Ded3

If you add me anywhere, please tell me who to expect a request from!

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Sadly the flash layout for my old original profile doesn't work anymore, so, I'll have to make something new.