DUE TO RECENT HIATUS ISSUES: For anyone who'd like to keep in touch, and hopefully that's all of you biggrin , feel free to reach me at--
MSN/E-mail: love_one_love_all_34@hotmail.com
(I do have Facebook, but I won't give it out unless I know you--and very well, it's not like I go on more than once every two weeks. And also, please DO NOT ADD ME IF YOU DON'T ALREADY KNOW ME, or else it will be ignored)

Female. Born in Dalian, China (that's the mainland, so not Taiwan, not Hong Kong, etc). Immigrated to Canada with parents when seven; currently residing in Ontario. Birth name/online name: Yue. IRL name: Katherine. Grew up with a very rich and vast view on Eastern and Western culture; fairly knowledgable on the subject, or so she'd like to think. Personal preference rests with the Motherland. (Oh, and to find out my age, you'll have to do a bit of hunting around--it's here... somewhere.)

Currently at an all time high of 95% overall average. I get this mark by doing all of my homework and handing it in on time, as well as nightly studying. Not doing this for the marks (a bit for my future career goal), but mostly 'cuz I hate school, and I'd hate it even more if I looked back and didn't remember anything. What a complete waste of time that'd be, not to mention unbeneficial in just about every way possible.

Aiming to get accepted into medical school; leaving the specific field in medicine open until I acquire more information. It's been an aged dream to become a doctor, and I will work as hard as I need to for it. If nothing is impossible, then there shouldn't be an excuse for giving in other than losing interest in the profession. I hate school, but if the only way to get this job is to go through lots and lots of it, I will. I know I'm intelligent (or perhaps "not stupid" is a better way of putting it) but the average human brain has the same IQ level; the brain is a muscle and develops only when you use it. My wisdom will help, but I know it's my determination that'll get me where I need to be.

Has a lot of friends (enough to be able to go out any weekend with one anytime I wish) and treasures them all. They're great for making me smile, listening to my troubles, and standing by me. However, I don't have a "best friend" due to multiple backstabs in the past. I've come to not need anyone that close to me; letting someone so close to you is more bad than good because you WILL end up getting hurt, like it or not. I'm independent and wise enough to realize this. But just because I don't let them too close doesn't mean they don't matter. If my friend needs me, I will be there for them to the very end--but only IF they acknowledge they need me. I see no point in trying to warn them of their mistakes since, as humans, we don't tend to listen. Besides, the harder we fall, the better we learn--I will be there to support them when they get up.

Very close to both her parents; probably the closest thing she has to best friends. First couple years of immigrational hardship was great bonding time. There are no human beings I trust in the world more than my parents and I see that as a great blessing. Pitious is a child who trusts not their own parents (though I don't believe in pity; everyone has 100% and though they might not trust their parents, they have something I don't to make up for it in that 100%--nobody needs pity; help and acceptance and advice, maybe, but never pity). Has one female sibling of one and a half years and learning to cope (not fond of children, being more or less someone who believes in survival of the fittest, independence wise).

Currently single without serious interest of getting into another relationship. I don't mind online dating; however, understand that I won't take it as seriously as IRL (as if that wasn't a given). I have had my share of boyfriends and I have loved them, but they didn't last for a reason and I'm not sad. I'd rather just play around and have fun for now and save the serious stuff for university; how many people out of ten marry their high school sweetheart, after all? I don't need a guy to make me happy right now; life is great without him.

Strong believer of God; not so much of the Christian faith. I believe it's become very human due to its huge population of "followers" and its lengthly history. I think the faith has become very tainted since its beginning and I can't say I trust everything about it (i.e. all the massacres Christians have conducted "in the name of God"). I thus have nothing against those non-Christians who share this view. Very much the opposite of an ideal Christian (potty mouth; Bible gathering dust; not currently a preacher; etc). However, to me, none of this has ever mattered; I know who God is to me and the miracles He's worked in me, through me, and for me. I don't believe life could be as great as it is if it were just humans controlling it or being a part of it (and I think all the egoistics and violence around us can prove that). I wish everyone could accept this faith since I personally know how wonderful it is, but I'd never force it on anyone. It takes time to personally believe (took me, what, five years after getting to know it?). But no one should ever let the controversal history of the faith stop them from getting to know someone/something as wonderful as God.

Hope you enjoyed the rundown of some aspects of my life. If you don't find me too bland or horrid, I'd love to see a comment pending friendship. Some of my closest friends are e-pals and I do love each and every single one of them, but there's always room for more in the harem. ^^ No worries; I bite as hard as you need be bitten.


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Song Translation (ST) Log

I do English song translations for Mandarin music (and the lyrics fit the rhythm, so you can sing the song in English ^^) and I'll be posting them here. Enjoy. ^^


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Aerin Estrella

Report | 08/19/2010 2:58 pm

Aerin Estrella

I haven't been on in FOREVER...but,
Omigosh, thank you so so much for that Valentine's Day message! It was sooo supersweet, I wish I had gotten it then, but really, it's just what I needed to hear today, since my on-again-off-again boyfriend blew off a huge date with me today. -_- So, thank you so much, hon! heart heart heart
How've you been? :3

Report | 08/04/2010 7:06 pm


Aw, you're leaving Gaia? D:

Report | 08/04/2010 6:23 pm


ohh i see. i think it may be like that for me. idk tho. i hope i still find fun on here if i leave for a while. i have good friends here and they will be good friends like u said. and ur one of them. and ur always on yahoo when im at work lol. so we dont get to talk much.
and the wishlist hunt is going fine. right now its just more keeping track of what i want. i have enough to buy most of the list but i am just going to wait a bit for some of it.

Report | 08/04/2010 6:15 pm


ohh thats weird, they should be. it shows up that i have an announcement when i have someone comment on my profile.
and yea work can put a damper on things. i still enjoy getting on tho. i still like it just the same as when i started if not more. i start college in two weeks so that may cause me to be on a lot less. idk yet for sure. but im betting so

Report | 08/04/2010 6:04 pm


lol i've been on gaia everyday this summer. im good. how r u

Report | 04/10/2010 6:52 am


I don't understand, what is this "incident"? It has been forever since I've been on T^T

Report | 03/14/2010 9:58 am


lol yea i did the easter event last year and got them and yea i love the buni too. its from hidden ace

and life has been about the same not much seems to ever change for me
we didnt have a spring break for high school but my college classes had break last week

and ive been on gaia about the same maybe alittle less just cuz other school events are all seemingly to be in march.

Report | 03/14/2010 9:47 am


ohh i didnt even know you were on yesterday and i was just logged in for most of that time not even on gaia
and how r ya its been a while
surprised vacation sounds good

Report | 03/12/2010 6:10 pm


Aw, that's sweet! Well, thanks for answering my question, haha!
Ohama Sensei

Report | 03/12/2010 4:45 pm

Ohama Sensei

lmao its the stupid jacket razz its huuuge xD


Awesome avvie art I got for my 15th birthday, courtesy of haruhi_fujioka_09. heart you, Bao! Thank you!!

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