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    I might not be able to log on anymore. Those of you with my phone number can call me. I'll actually answer.

    About me: My name is Ciel. I am 21 years old and have spent nearly half of my life on gaia. I'm currently working as an electrician, in which i'm a second year apprentice. Just two more years until I become a journeyman. I make good money, especially being from Canada, but that money will be used to make myself a slave to the entertainment industry when I get into acting school.

    My hobbies: are varied, including everything from sports to video games to fish breeding, sewing, music, and more. I'd say my current favorite hobby is making these little owls out of felt. I've made 17 of them to date, and am still unsure what to do with them. Maybe you'd like one?

    Likes and dislikes: I love animals. Get me talking about fish, horses, dogs, cats, bugs, owls, snakes, lizards, whatever else you can think of (even Spiders) I will go on for hours and hours. I have a multitude of pets, but I would like to have more. My current pets are 70 fish, an Axolotl, a cat, a dog, and 3 crows. I used to ride and compete in horse shows, and used to have a horse named Saturn. When I travel I always end up finding the most dangerous animal in that area, and picking it up, touching it, and ultimately scaring it away because it wonders why i'm not running away screaming like everyone else. The one thing I cannot stand are ants. I kill them on sight. I'm still not sure why.

    I love sweets to the point of obsession but my favorite food is chicken. More specifically honey garlic chicken. Second in line is sweet and sour pork from those wonderful asian restorants and their wonton soup. Pizza as my third favorite and lastly would be chicken cheese and sourcream burritos. I have a lot of food allergies and so I don't like to try new things unless I know exactly what they are made of. Chocolate is the way to my heart.

    I am obsessed with the legend of Zelda. It is my favorite series of all time and I don't care if you do think it's childish. I also play pokemon, and yes I mean the cards, the video games, and I watch the movies and episodes too.

    I hate war and shooting and anything to do with those two subjects. I've played war games and shooting games but even though I didn't enjoy them, we can still talk about them. I also don't like toilet humour, sarcastic humour, or insult humour, the last two being because the people who make those kinds of jokes usually don't make it clear that they're joking and then it's just hurtful words. Not to mention them thinking that awful stuff in the first place is enough to break your heart.

    If you decide to talk to me about politics, just be aware that I'm Canadian and probably don't know about your politics, or if I have, i'm voting for the person who is trying to make your country a mini Canada.

    All in all I am pretty easy to get along with as long as you don't hurt me. Ever.