Hi! : D
I'm not going to start with my name like everyone else. So lets start with a lovely...
maybe that was a little impolite xD so i'll go on. polite!
My name is Jpette.. stay with me it's pronounced [jhee-pet-ee]

I'm not sure what to say about myself...
I am:
-a narcisstic a*****e (i love me, get over it)
-stubborn (even when i'm wrong, i'm right!) xD
-in love with details
-not a hateful person
-a good friend

ok... so now a little about where i am.
I'm from & live in France. therefor i speak French -,-
I love autumn
poetry is my passion
acoustic versions of songs are my drugs
most of my friends are girls
i love rainy days
and i'm a dreamer! but I also love reality in all of it's colors

I like creative people that think in other ways then the crowd. and i love all things that are special, abnormal, and weird.

I AM Gay. Homosexual and proud : )

and... i've already written too much.
i'm sorry -,-


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HI! waz up?

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Hellllll000!! Nice profile

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dude what site did you get that profile?
raiinbow o r g a s m s

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raiinbow o r g a s m s

i'm doing good to. ^^

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LOL Wow i Almost got this Layout!!! whee but any who welcome to Gaia and i sent you a friend request !!! 3nodding Nice to Meet You!!!
raiinbow o r g a s m s

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raiinbow o r g a s m s

hello. ^^
how are you?

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Random comment...
Nicely done profile.... * hugs*