What is there to say about me....

I'm here to role play and escape reality for a little while and forget what's going on in my real life.

I am in college and I'm studying Forensic Science though I think I might consider doing something with art... possibly.
Whether it's drawing up designs and selling them to tattoo joints or on my deviantArt or not.

I'm a total book worm and currently my friend BlackAceDiamond (Ace) has me hooked on the Black Dagger Brotherhood (BDB) series.

I could careless about the gold on here or having the best looking avi, I'm here to RP and make a couple new friends along the way.

After all I've been around since like 2005 I do believe O_o? So by now I'm here just for fun.

Check out my deviantArt and let me know what you think
deviantArt Page

oh and....

THANK YOU BlackAceDiamond for the awesome profile layout!!! heart

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Report | 06/19/2013 5:49 am


true that. I'm just tired of being tired all the time.
And having my ribs used as a playground.
It hurts like hell.
Ahh! I'm scared of needles. Thoughts of the epi give me nightmares... like bad ones.
I'm suck a loser. ㅠ.ㅠ

Report | 06/16/2013 10:24 am


Kekeke. I totally wil!
Only a few more weeks, I'm like counting down the days!
I'm so scared though. I'm a huge baby for pain!

Report | 06/16/2013 4:55 am


Yes, its terrible. lol Plus when we know what it is, we can start planning room stuff!

Report | 06/15/2013 12:38 pm


I can do a gender scan at 16 weeks or wait until 20 weeks. I'll probably do it around 16 weeks because I really want to know what I'm having!

Report | 06/15/2013 12:32 pm


Yeah. I can't wait. I'm just so ready to see what she looks like.
I'm due on July 28th.
So only about 6 weeks if she comes on time.

Report | 06/14/2013 1:59 pm


8 weeks!
Yeah, nervous but excited! My boyfriend is pumped lol

Report | 06/13/2013 5:15 pm


Thanks! blaugh

Report | 06/10/2013 4:03 pm


Thank you so much! It's a girl.
It's been such a long last few months, I'm ready to have her.
This pregnancy thing is not for me. XD

Kol Story Bro

Report | 05/24/2013 12:39 am

Kol Story Bro

;A; When do you plan to clean it again? /shivers

And how was the cleaning?
Kol Story Bro

Report | 05/24/2013 12:33 am

Kol Story Bro

I am honored to be in your friends list. emotion_kirakira


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