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Sazie Chan Report | 11/07/2012 8:39 am
Sazie Chan
Thank you, Naxts! :3

I'll do my best for the guild, I might have some trouble but
I'll ask you for advice and such if I get stuck on something first.

I'm not the best Caption but I do work hard and try to keep an eye on everything.
Sazie Chan Report | 11/07/2012 7:50 am
Sazie Chan
You know the quest to join the guild, people wanting to join but... sweatdrop
sometimes it's just like... they don't even read the questions at all!

some of the people answer them although.. most would seem kinda off
I was wondering if you could give me some advice, on what to accept and what to decline on
because some people seem to make no sense sometimes... it's sorta confusing, you know? D:

you had more experience with this I bet, more then I had at my Chibi Express Guild. ((so far I'm doing okay but that one guy, Gotham I think he was called... he was god-modding sometimes and I've had to seriously chat with him a few times, although after awhile he quit because he didn't want to listen to the rules.))
Sazie Chan Report | 11/06/2012 6:43 am
Sazie Chan
hi Naxts :3 I need a little advice on something >_< it's kinda random but it's about the guild xD
Sazie Chan Report | 09/10/2012 3:29 pm
Sazie Chan
ah that's good that you like it, thought I'd have to do better xD ((why having time I look at it, Knuckles seems to be biting on some of the words))
but doesn't mean I've stopped making banners lol I'll probably make more once in awhile
Sazie Chan Report | 09/10/2012 6:31 am
Sazie Chan
ah okay, thanks so much Naxts! :3

oh by the way, what do you think of the new banner for now?
I found one of the old banners' in the old posts that haven't been fixed so ((I fixed it up a bit))
Sazie Chan Report | 09/09/2012 12:02 pm
Sazie Chan
yeah, I agree with you Naxts

the dungeons and dragons idea of a battle rule would be better
I'm kinda thinking of making a CRIT damage point though for the 20

like say if you roll and got a 20, it'd do + a little more damage?
but I haven't decided which is best, +5 damage or +10 damage for the 20 ((I kinda think the 5 is better))
Neseroth Report | 08/31/2012 12:44 pm
So what do you do for the Sonic RP? I'm a bit curious since I haven't seen you in character.
Sazie Chan Report | 08/22/2012 4:14 pm
Sazie Chan
Naxts question again ninja

do you think battles in RP forums seems alright?
I did a little test against my little brother to try it out, sorta seems alight
but I think I should make a rule for it too... something like the other person
has to accept first in out of character chatter before starting

HP can only go up to 100 in less you have one chaos emerald or more? can go a little higher?
almost like the battle rules before but a little different
Sazie Chan Report | 07/29/2012 9:14 am
Sazie Chan
yeah that sounds awesome Naxts :3
Get right or be punished xD lol (the hard part is getting started lol)

you mean women power and man power! dramallama *cheeks puff up* bring on the challenge Wooot! whee
Sazie Chan Report | 07/29/2012 8:37 am
Sazie Chan
I hope I did the Chaos Emerald List right D:
I'm not sure if I should add something else... I RP Eggman though and he found one on his radar though
I was going to make it the Yellow Chaos emerald (but it's location has been sorta given out already lol D: )

yeah sad oh well (I don't really want to force him, I just think it'd be nice if he returned... even just for awhile would be nice D: )

:3 it's always nice to have someone special

( also I hope we can work as a team Naxts on the guild, try to make this guild better again! no matter what~ Woot xD )


My name is Kevin and I am a 18 years old freshman in College. From the glorious state of Florida, currently living in Virginia.

I consider myself to be a simple man. I also consider myself to be an optimistic person. I want to try to do as much in life as a possibly can, but I change from motive to motive occasionally. I don't want to be rich, I don't want to be right, I don't want to be famous. All I want, is to be happy.

I'm a strong believer in Muscle over mind, Control over logic. Meaning that I strive to be active and working, and that I know how to use my strength. I'm a very peaceful guy. I'm almost always calm, And I try to do whatever I can to help others, I've found that very rarely that knowledge helps a person as effectively as muscles do. I've been stabbed before trying to be a good, but foolish person when I walked into the middle of a convenience story robbery. If I hadn't had the strength to tackle the man. Somebody could have gotten hurt, and I believe in a really stupid concept I call, Better me then them.

I love music. I like to listen to Gothic metal, Techno, Dubstep, Jazz, Rap, Soft rock, Classical music, and lullabies. I try to have a broad spectrum of music.

I'm currently looking for love. As try as I try, I can never achieve it simply because of one thing. I'm a beast. And I strive for the one day where somebody can see past and love me. It may be a unfetchable dream, but its one I pursue nonetheless.

I rarely get into fights with people. Its better to be agreeable then to be right. I'm willing to listen to a person, but if I disagree with someone, I'll agree with them and continue thinking my thing. I guess this means I'm stubborn.

Je suis à Paris


I'm a pony.
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