Me, Myself and I...

*.Puertorrican Mamiiii! whoo!..got a problem?!
*.Mi musica preferida es el reggaeton! okei =P
*.Dark Brown Hair
*.Brown Eyes
*.Skinny, 5'7''

-->Fun, Crazy, Intelligent, Kind, Loveable,
Cuddly, Energetic, Honest, Brilliant, Imaginative, Artistic
Favorite movies/anime

Okeii first of all i love this movies:
*.Step Up 1 & 2.
*.You Got Served.
*.Stomp The Yard.
*.The Longest Yard.
*.X Men(All).
*.Pirates of the Carribean(All).
*.Super Man.
*.Super Hero movie.
*.Spider Man.

Now to anime:
*.I hate anime!!---those are really deep words you know xD
*.I could only accept--- Bleach =P

Favorite TV Shows:

Wee! I lov TV:
*.MTV-> gOTTA lov IT!.
*.Music VIdeos->obviioUsly!!.
*.America's Best Dance Creww!!!.
*.Tila Tequila.
*.Flavor of Love.
*.Boston Legal.
*.America's Next Top Model!.
*.The Real World!.

Favorite Reads (books/comics/manga/etc):

EeeEmmmM... OK iI dOn't reALly like t0 reAd much...lol =P:
Anywaiis...Some of the books I liked From School were:

*.Ciudad De las BestIAS
*.tHE Pig mAN
*.eL rEINO Del Dragon De 0ro
*.Would Like To read THe Series of TWilight
*.Also the SeRIES of Haary POtter

Favorite Music/Bands:

Oohh... If I begin I would NeVER EnNDddd =P...Addicted to music!
OK Im a Puerto Rican Mami so I Lov Reaggaeton woo!:

*.Alexis Y Fido!->muaxx!
*.Wisin y Yandel!->Extraterrestres!
*.Rakim y Ken-y!
*.Tito El Bambino!
*.Daddy Yankee!
*.Jowell y Randy!
*.Tony Dize!
*.Zion y Lenox!
*.Nicky Jam!
*.Don Omar!
*.Franco el Gorila!
*.Khriz y Angel!
*.Hector el Father!
*.Sin Bandera!
*.Grupo Mania!
*.Elvis Crespo!
*.Trebol Clan!
*.Victor Manuelle!
*.Juan Velez!
*.Ñejo y Dalmata!
*.Ricky Martin!
*.Ednita Nazario!
*.Luis Fonsi!
*.De la Guetto!
*.Enrique Iglesias!
*.Alejandro Sanz!
*.Yaga y Mackie!

*.Chris Brown!
*.Donnie J. Klang!
*.Bow Wow!
*.50 cent!
*.Justin Timberlake!
*.Nelly Furtado!
*.missy Elliot!
*.Black Eyed Peas!
*.Fort Minor!
*.Green Day!
*.Lil Jon!
*.Fat Man Scoop!
*.Linkin Park!

Told Ya It was a BiiiigGg liisssttt!!!!...i'm still missing some...lol...=P


My FAv Parttt!...Huge Sports playeerrr!!:

*.Volley!->done it!
*.Basketball!->done it!
*.Soccer!->never been in a team =(
*.Baseball!->not in a team either, but daddi was a baseball player!
*.Track & Field!->currently practicing
*.Swimming!->Want to!!
*.Softball!->done it!

Now my interestsss!:

*.Going To tha Beachh!
*.Hanging Out with Friendzzz!
*.Being Outside with neighboorrrs!
*.Take pics!
*.Running bikee!
*.Roller Skating Outside!


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Nahira's daily happenings

Hi to everyone who is looking at my journal...

Don't really wanna make a journal... anyways if you could help me by donating gold or items i would really appreciate it ^_^



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jejeje tns razon

se llama ryoma echizen y es supr mejor y cm q un pokito perfect y no es tan bobito

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Ya mismo las pongo es q estan en la compu de papi


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