oh gods
okay here's a tad bit about me:
I luvs games
(I haven't played a lot of
sony/xbox ones due to a money thing tho D: !
which includes most "well-known"/ "loved" ones)
I'm a bit obsessed with league sorry to say xD
I am 21 years old.
I live in Texas
Uh I like reading yes 3nodding

I'm a really kind and gentle person,
but I do not tolerate disrespect, I don't care
how nice you THINK you are or how edgy
if you're gonna be a mean rude a** b***h GTFO.
because I don't care who you are or
THINK you are, or who you are to someone else
I do not tolerate people not worth my time.
Also I smile a loooooooot
I'm very easily amused, so when
its serious time please let me know,
I'd hate to offend you somehow.

Oh yea I'd say I'm pansexual if anything,
however I really like men,
but I'm open to loving anyone
(hell i've already dated a few trans)
so don't give me s**t BL

Please don't delete me without warning if you add me,
but other than that feel free to add me through anything!