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Pleurer ou imiter:

Is my mule.

I'm tired of this account and I miss my signature.

Pleurer ou imiter ; Weep or mimic; meaning to either subject to your emotions, or to subject to societies ideals on behavior. A contradiction embodied in polar oppositions.

I'm a walking contradiction 18 years alive. You shouldn't take anything I say on this website seriously, I sure as hell don't.

I love to live but am terrible at doing so. Video games and books consume me; I view life through a lens.

I live to capture moments to revisit; I'm a photographer and a shitty one at that.

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Professionally I model for food, hoping one day though to branch into politics.

Music is another passion of mine, I studied opera for 5 years yet used to sing in a heavy metal band.
I prefer Electroindie, House Progressive, and some Screamo, but my taste usually changes with my mood.

I'm a giant, standing five feet and nine inches I smoosh children on a daily basis with my clumsy limbs.

Me myself and I:
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No need to put me down, I do enough of it myself; i've become immune.
More then anything else in the world I want to see change, not Obama fed delusions of change but drastic factual change.

Speak to me, or remain a stranger to me, I'll equally care for and love you the same.

I'm sam, nice to meet you.


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A whores thoughts

Just the mad ramblings of an extremly spastic girl.



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pleasure to meet you to
Psycho X

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Psycho X

Psycho X

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Psycho X

Psycho X

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Psycho X

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Psycho X

Pretty Elf Dolly Oli

Report | 03/08/2013 9:27 am

Pretty Elf Dolly Oli


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Randomly read a really OLD pm and thought I'd say hi xD

Though you'll probably never see this ;n ;
The Saint Maximilian

Report | 07/16/2010 10:10 am

The Saint Maximilian

oh my, you never get on this accounnnt
Psycho X

Report | 12/28/2009 9:48 am

Psycho X

Seems you haven't logged on in a while. Just stoppin' by to say hi seeing as it's been so long.

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this makes me sad

"Mr. Fuzzy Wuzzy's last login: 09/09/09"

upside down its 060606


ty for never using gaia

-- (sarcastic)

if u ever get this comment

note that i regret not asking if u had AIM or MSN

; - ;

cus ur so pretty omg,


u shud add me


k thx ^_^

and uhm

omg plz plz add me