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Report | 05/16/2017 4:38 am

Little Kadaj

-digs in bottomless trunk, pulls out endless list, sits with feather pen and legs crossed- LET'S SEE HUR.

** edit : i typed too much so I have to shorten the post or gaia will glitch. :stare: if it glitches anyway i will stab something. -copies just in case-

sora/riku is first because that is the most beautifulest story even if u wanna say theyr'e actually straight, it doesn't matter, their bond is adorable.

i like axel/roxas but... dA changed their tos so that you can't portray adult x minor in a romantic/sexual way under any circumstances, u can't even age up a kid character and make them an adult and if they are shown as an adult but most of the story they were normally kids then they are still considered kids, etc (so even if u are showing adult x adult, it's still "wrong" cuz one of them was "originally a kid" and just wtf? WE WERE *** ALL *** KIDS AT SOME POINT!!! does that make ALL relationships ***** cuz we all USED to be kids!? ), so now i feel like liking axel/roxas makes me some kind of perverted weirdo. i agree i dont wanna see a 50 year old guy in love with a 4 year old girl but these days people make it sound like even late teens x early 20s is *****. it just makes me uncomfortable now. in my opinion it's only "peodphilia" if the child has NOT developed sexual characteristics yet. age is just a number, seriously. i googled how to physically tell if someone is an adult and it said it's impossible to tell, there is no difference between teens and adults. if NATURE gave u the ability to reproduce then by NATURE ur not doing anything weird. we are designed to be attracted to those characteristics like a deep voice/muscles in guys and boobs/hips in girls etc etc so if the person has those natural characteristics then it's normal to be attracted to them. but if the kid does not have those parts developed then yes, that's an abomination. the only problem irl is they are not mentally/emotionally mature yet, but again, u don't magically become mature exactly when u turn 18 and some ppl grow up early and some never ever do. actually if u wanna not date until u are emotionally mature no one should date until they are 30. anyway people just make me feel like some kinda sicko so i've been avoiding that pairing lately. v__v

anyway aside from that the rest are:

roxas x riku replica is my second fav :kirakira: sora's nobody / riku's replica, it is luff :heart:

pancake wrote a fanfic of replica x zexion that made them the most perfect and adorable pairing ever, wont get into the details unless you ask cuz letter limits are stupid. -forces self to shut up- anyway DDD messed up his story when it came out, i tried to draw a comic version based on the new game/plot and it didn't work anymore, it had to be in that specific context to work. but IN that context, it was just perfect.

he also did a ficlet where riku gets sora's cards from chain of memories while sora is asleep in the egg-thingy, and he accidentally summons cloud -- again, leaving out details cuz letter limit. he didn't finish it tho and then dA went all OH. EM. GEE. U PAIRED A MINOR WITH AN ADULT. U ARE SATAN INCARNATE and he stopped writing it. >.<

we did an rp for a story he was too lazy to write that is demyx x marluxia and i luff it. :cute: they are the rebels of the organization. they fit perfectly.

365/2 Days made axel/saix look interesting but it's hard for me to get into that cuz kh2 had NO evidence of them EVER being friends so it feels shoehorned and awkward for me lol. i always liked xemnas x saix. i also like roxas/riku, especially when it's built on sora/riku first, and then when roxas/sora merge they're BOTH with riku. :dowant: 2 for da price of 1.

i used to like cloud x leon but um....when i had my old cloud acc i had a bit of a falling out with my leon cosplayer/rp partner and... well it's hard to think of that without remembering all those sad things :'c

roxas/hayner or roxas/seifer was cute until 365/2 Days revea
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Report | 05/15/2017 4:25 am

Little Kadaj

aaaahahahaha suggestive whispering emotion_awesome heart cha, he was like, *mutter* "i guess a remnant wouldnt know" *mumble* and kadaj is all emotion_8c and i'm like OH COME ON U DID NOT HEAR THAT

then later "welcome to my reunion" *creepy a** whisper* and cloud is all emotion_0A0 and i'm like OH COME ON U DID NOT HEAR THAT

but oh, the rp/fanfic possibilities tho emotion_kirakira .....

for all the railing FF7 fans do on KH, ff7 is a lot like it, as far as being told you don't have emotions and "you're just an empty vessel, you don't feel"(when actually yeh u do and somone is trying to force u to reject your "sense of self" etc) and then also kadaj not knowing if he's sephiroth or himself, it's a lot lot like the nobodies in kh, and kadaj's "i wanna be me not u" complex is a lot like riku's replica. makes me wonder if this identity crisis theme runs in all the ff's or if it's just a 7/kh thing? O.o
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Report | 05/14/2017 12:10 pm

Little Kadaj

hahaaa ya, i seen ac and was like "i lurv the sad cloudy" and ppl were like "he's not like that in ff7." and I was like wat? *plays ff7* "HE'S AN a*****e! emotion_0A0 " but the part where he was curled up going "I'm afraid, I"m so afraid" made me like fall all super in luv with him, i felt so sorry for him and stuff.... i need to play it again cuz it's been so long now that i don't really remember why i bonded so super close to him back in the day :/ it's all getting hazy now ;n; i remember he had a lot of mental problems and identity problems and for whatever reason i could relate to him back then but i don't really remember why now >.>;;;;

and yush, Before Crisis and Xenosaga: Pied Piper both, just. emotion_donotwant STOP MAKIN GAMES ON CELL PHONES, JAPAN! 'MURICANZ CAN'T PLAY THEM

i remember when DoC came out i wanted so bad for just one small hint of something, anything, a wayward comment or just ANYTHING that acknowleged that kadaj ever existed :'c even just, a scene of somewhere he'd been/ something he'd left behind, like that monument he destroyed, mention something about rebuilding it or something. anything! it kinda drove home the "we only made that character up so we could make a movie" v.v

but THEN here come those BBS characters and ooooooh, THEY are just so important that they gotta rewrite all the old games just to fit them and they keep cameoing in every single new game and just WORDS DO NOT DESCRIBE THE HATE -blows things up- scream


on a less angry note i was watching ac in japanese yesterday and there was two parts where kadaj/cloud heard each other whispering over long distances and i was like do they have a psychic connection like cloud does with seph? cuz seph can talk inside his head so that must be what was going on cuz if their hearing is that sharp those gunshots ought have them writhing on the ground in pain. rofl
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Report | 05/14/2017 4:27 am

Little Kadaj


after i played the original ff7 i realized kadaj was one of those "just made up so we could make a new ____" and got really disappointed and it kinda soured my affection for him after that.... but after I got to thinking about it tho (i didn't understand him at first and just realized this like the other day e.e;;; -stupid- ) he does make sense because jenova's body parts can reform into separate creatures, so i think they're implying sephiroth's body did the same thing and it's just three pieces of them trying to "reunite" and become the original person again. and then i felt dumb for not getting it all this time sweatdrop

still silly that it took him 2 DAMN YEARS to decide "oh hey, think i'll come back to life now" rofl


i feel like ac is a bit too subtle when it comes to the things that MATTER, and then too distracting with stuff that really just doesn't, like the camera zooms in on this and that and does crazy angles and so on, and i tend to be focused more on the pretty graphics and what's on screen than what the characters are actually saying. i mean the guys are VERY hot and i like those shots that just show nothing on the tv but sexy kissable lips but it kinda distracts from what is actually being said and why, so honestly most of the story just flew over my head and i thought it didn't even have one for a long time... sweatdrop sooooo after having the stupid thing 11 years and i used to watch it every single day over and over back when i first got it cuz i loved it so much, i still watch it today and am like "wow never noticed/realized that before" and so on...

like we watched it and kadaj has the box in the church and is wailing around and i'm ilke "HE HAS THE BOX! WHY IS HE NOT USING THE BOX!!! and then later he's all "brother look i have her" THEN USE THE BOX!! why is he even bothering to fight cloud at all!?" and riku/cloud/tseng/whoever u know him as on gaia, is liek "he knows jenova will make him become sephiroth and he wants to prove to her that as himself, he's not inferior." and i'm ilke.... is dat why he does that weird pause just before cloud knocks him off the roof? always wondered why he did that..... >.> and he's like "yeh, he realized then that he couldn't beat cloud without sephiroth's help after all but he was stubborn and attacked him anyway and got thrown off the roof for it." and I'm like emotion_awesome emotion_sweatdrop I KNEW THIS ALL ALONG, CONTINUE~! *cough cough*
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Report | 05/14/2017 4:24 am

Little Kadaj

I DID THAT TOO OMG why have u chose the save point? just why do that? why? rofl

i just told my other pal in a PM that i have a feeling they only wanna remake ff7 (aside from it's popular/people would buy it/good investment/make money) is they wanna rewrite it to fit the sequels cuz that's the same dumb s**t they did with KH. BBS/etc didn't match the original story so they made those "final mix" games to tweak the plot so it would match the newer stuff. instead of just, you know, MAKING THE NEWER STUFF FIT THE ORIGINAL STORY THAT CAME FIRST. and then it's "well this happened ____ years before the original, so these characters came first" even though they were MADE UP after the original characters. same damn thing with crisis core, and even deepground was supposed to have already been there all along so it's always "the new characters are better, but they came BEFORE the characters you already know, so if anyone looks like a ripoff, it's the ones you already know/like that copied these guys, we didn't just make new characters that copied the originals." AND FANS. FALL. FOR IT. AND I GET SO DAMN MAD OMG!!! -blows something up- stressed

i was just telling her that the one thing i really wanted to see in ff7 is the war between jenova and the ancients. i thought that sounded really interesting and exciting. they could make up a bunch of new characters being the ancients that fought back against her and someone could make some heartbreaking sacrifice to defeat her in the end and almost all of their race gets wiped out in the process, etc etc, ti would be AWESOME. that's how u make up new characters that actually fit the story and don't make fans go "who is this guy??? he wasn't in the original game!!"

/also i saw the thing about t-elos in xs1 written on the screen thing and it hought that was so cool!!! cuz the xs story is PLANNED OUT. t-elos shows up in xs3 because she was arleady planned to be there in xs1. jin shows up in xs2 because he was already mentioned in xs1. canaan......comes outta nowhere, but he was on second miltia and that area wasn't available in xs1... anyway it's not like square's characters where it's all 'welp we need a new game, let's make up some new characters' and here comes ven and aqua and genesis and weiss and just what the i'm not even just omg i don't want to talk about it scream it's like omg, nobody would still be interested in the ORIGINAL characters and story and want to just see the ORIGINAL STUFF be elaborated on/etc

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Report | 05/13/2017 7:09 am

Little Kadaj

lol kevin blew me away! the part in xs3 where u realize he was the red testament all along, magawrsh!! and the "are you satisfied now?" part made me bust out laughing :'D

i do think the saddest story in the whole game is albedo/jr and the conflict between them, etc. but... there was so much sad stuff in xs1 that by the time xs3 came along i kind of got desensitized sweatdrop i mean, EVERYONE DIED, so by the time it got to the end where there was hardly any left, i mean i can only get sad so many times xDD it didn't impact me as much as i think it should have just cuz it was getting redundant by then.

i could not stand shion though. i liked her, more or less, in the first game, but then in xs2 she was just a b***h. she was mean to allen and mean to jin and just magawrsh. then in xs3 she was just whiney and just... "everyone's gonna abandon me! none of u saved me!" and here is a bunch of people standing around worrying about her. she gets annoyed because they won't stop worrying, then gets mad because they don't care enough. just, what!? i guess thats "realistic" cuz people in real life will act like that and such but it was still just annoying...

totally rooted for wilhelm at the end of xs3, was shouting AW YEAH KICK HER a**!! emotion_awesome

altho i don't like how some parts of the story are on that Pied Piper cell phone game, so when it got to the end of canaan's story it's all like "huh? who the heck is lactis?" and i had to like do some researching to figure out what was going on there. also something happened with him, cuz in xs2 he had "suppressed emotions" and then in xs3 he's clearly very passionate so i feel like something was meant to be there somewhere and got chopped out. i heard it was meant to be like 6 or 7 games, but they screwed up xs2 with the bad graphics and bad gameplay so they lost a lot of money, and decided to crash-condense the rest of the whole plot into just one more game to get it over with. that was disappointing to hear. i feel like wilhelm had a whole ton of something behind him that wasn't showed on screen too. i liked how you finally get to the one behind everything in the whole story and find out the "bad guy" is actually trying to save the world. he was so perfectly neutral, i loved it. his speech about 'beyond good and evil' made me rethink my entire life and question my very existance. rofl

and i'm just pretending the ff7 remake doesn't exist cuz i only have a ps1/ps2 and i'm bitter about everything being on these new consoles. i have to watch everything on youtube now. v.v

someone on youtube was bitching about 'i hope they make the new ff7 real time but some lazy a** holes want that "turn based" s**t, ugh" and i'm just like emotion_awesome is there any more OBVIOUS WAY to just scream "I didn't actually play ff7 but i wanna pretend i'm an expert on the matter" than that??? i mean.... SOMEONE SRSLY DID NOT ACTUALLY PLAY FF7

you play as EVERYONE. the final boss makes u put together THREE. BATTLE PARTIES. explain to me how in the name of Jenova u can do that many characters without having the battle system take turns so u can select what every person does.

somebody clearly only played crisis core and dirge where u just play as vince/zack and not the entire cast working cooperatively.

anywho. .3. in the beginning i'd only seen ac, hadn't played the game. then i'd played the game but here comes ac complete and that's the new thing, i hadn't seen it. now i've got the original game/ac/acc but here comes the remake and now THAT'S what everyone wants to talk about and yeah. BITTERNESS AND JEALOUSY. -blows something up-
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Report | 05/12/2017 5:59 pm

Little Kadaj







Xenosaga / Final Fantasy 7 / Kingdom Hearts / Devil May Cry (the white-haired version) are the only games I have/play cuz I'm a broke b*****d but I love them all to pieces omg emotion_kirakira XS was my first PS2 game, i got it when i got my PS2 !!! i think i got ff7ac first and just had the movie for a while, then got my ps2 and got xenosaga, then played KH cuz cloud was in it and i couldn't get the original ff 7 so I played that, then eventually finally got ff7. 3nodding i was just thinking aobut xs today omg! i love wilhelm and canaan. gaia_kittenstar i mean i love EVERYONE but those two are my favorites. kosmos is my favorite female fictional character (normally i dont click much with the girls in games/anime) and jr is one of the best game characters that i can relate to on a really personal level.... and i love chaos but who DOESN'T love chaos and just ALL OF THEM are just wonderful <3333 i had a bunch of XS cosplays on gaia but i converted them into KH characters when I came back from hiatus so i wouldn't have to make new acc's sweatdrop
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Report | 05/12/2017 5:33 pm

Little Kadaj

i donno
there's prolly no benefit at all to having gifts friends-only xD
it just bugs me to recieve things without seeing htem first, from strangers >.>; i donno..... I'M PARANOID~! GAH -goes to accept request- 4laugh
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Report | 05/12/2017 4:08 pm

Little Kadaj

gifts = friends only
something about hackers/etc dumping their items on random ppl when they get reported & if u accept gifts from hackers then when the hacker gets banned u get banned with them
prolly not a thing anymore cuz now there is a gifting history so mods know that u gave the item away
but i still like to get trades instead to i can see what ppl are sending me, like i dont wanna accept 5-trillion-gold items from total strangers u know that's suspicious sweatdrop
i donno it's prolly silly x'D
i just feel safer having it set that way emotion_donotwant don't judge just ADD MEH BISH heart LESS BE PAL-PALS
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Report | 05/12/2017 7:07 am

Little Kadaj

ahahaha lD;;; ;i remember those days
my sora acc got a little carried away with the gifs >>;;; i-i tried to make them, um, small, tho, and...
OMG TY heart
i get a kick outta ppl who think the error message is real emotion_awesome
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Report | 05/11/2017 4:41 pm

Little Kadaj

chya~ emotion_yatta
i like the small simple ones that are all tidy n stuff
but i also like the big large sprawling ones that give u a lot to look at, as long as it's organized nicely (not when people just stick a MILLION pictures all over their entire profile sweatdrop )
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Report | 05/11/2017 4:09 pm

Little Kadaj

oh you puff. this layout looks nice. 4laugh and da musics is interesting :0
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Report | 10/27/2015 9:30 pm

Fated Squall Leonhart

Psst Tifa
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Report | 09/27/2015 10:08 am

Midgar Flower

Aw, thank you very much. That really means a lot to me. Haha. I enjoy your avatars and cosplays as well. heart
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Report | 08/27/2015 6:23 pm


Your Tifa avatar is awesome. Nice work.
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Report | 07/26/2015 5:55 am

Midgar Flower

Hehe. ^^ Yeah, same here. I've been getting back into my Square-Enix roots lately. ; u;
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Report | 07/24/2015 5:17 pm

Midgar Flower

HAHA. I do too sometimes though. ; u; Oh, thank you! I feel like it still needs to be tweaked a bit. = u= I dabble in a little bit of everything, honestly. Games, comics, web-comics, TV shows, movies, cartoons, etc. What do you mostly cosplay? c:
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Report | 07/17/2015 6:01 pm

Midgar Flower

I'm sorry for being so slow with replies! I've had my hands full lately.
/HIGHFIVESSOHARD/ I adore 9 so very much. Ugh. I need more of it. ; A; It was all so perfect and beautiful... Hnn. I'm a sucker for happy endings too. And romance. Zidane and Garnet out of every Final Fantasy couple had the most natural relationship. I mean, they started as acquaintances, over time became friends. To best friends. To more. I mean, it was disc and disc of building up. It just fell into place so naturally and beautifully. OTP for sure.

7 is awesome! Haha. I can't wait to see a very uncomfortable awkward Cloud in HD when she's dressing him up as a woman. YES. I'm going to play the hell out of it! I'm going to level Aerith up so hardcore and get Great Gospel. HNN. ; A; Yeah, 2017 makes a lot of sense. oof
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Report | 07/10/2015 7:56 am

Tifa-chan Lockheart

Hey sweetheart! I'm so sorry for the late reply. I've been in the hospital. It sucks so badly. x-x; I've been better but what are we going to do? xD
How about you? How are you doing!? <3 And and and how was the con!?

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Report | 07/09/2015 12:56 pm

Javier Cross

Pleased to meet you and you look like Tifa. surprised
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