Hello there C:
I'm Yasmin. I'm seventeen. I'm Malaysian.
I'm really talkative -i gossip A LOT. I really enjoy quality talks but intelligent talks tho not so much because big words scare the hell out of me since English is practically my second language D:

I really enjoy travelling, reading, listening to crappy music, making new friends and eating plus cooking. I'm pretty sure I can cook up something amazing that'll blow your mind.

I was a synchronize swimmer when I was little so I'm suppose to be slim and tone but somehow miraculously, i end up being 5 foot tall with a curvy figure -then i end up being called "chubby" because of it. It makes me fidget when people say that and I am a VERY fidgety person.

I think i'm overall a happy person i don't get angry for no reason but i can be really emo sometimes. And i likee it when people try to consult me about it because it makes me feel loved (attention whore alert!) C:

I used to be a very confident person but now that I've grown I don't really feel that confident especially about the way I look but hey, i'm grateful that I'm at least not deformed! So, i'm the one on the right btw. The girl next to me is a friend of mine C:

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Poisonous vaginaS

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Poisonous vaginaS

well thank you :>
i cant say anything about you becuz i dont see a picture!

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Lol anorexcic people make me hungry xD ... Eh yeah ... D:

Well whit strange I mean, Like I belong here xD I could live anywhere I'm always told, And on holiday I'm never recognized as an foreigner ;3

Thank you! <3
I got 6 in total :'D
It might just look good on you...
Try with an earing and watch how'd be?

I don't know D: Wait I think I do xD ...

I've a little brother, 19 months younger so he's ok sometimes >.<
It's 'round dinner time now ^_^ 6.15 Pm my clock say's ( not sure 'bout the Pm thing xD But it's dark... razz So yeah)

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Some fat people are ugly, but there not ugly because they're fat get me xD ?
Lol, I see.. razz Already thought something along those lines xD

Lol, my family has a long history of people just breeding with everybody gonk That's why my family looks ... strange razz

xD Might just be ... ya know D: SERIOUS lol, and you might feel ... bad if I wouldn't take you serious xD
:O Maybe if there super good at sex? Dunno, i think It'd a bit akward when your little brother finds your porn online xD
You've brothers sisters? ;3

Aah.. That sucks =/ Working at an underwear store sounds really fun though ;3

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Ah I did read it D: But it's just, it didn't got stuck in my head @_@

Waaah c** marlot xD wtf...

And what kind of traumatic experience? D;
Lol, they're supposed to make a lot of money razz
But you could always try being a model for artistic nude? They make a lot of money without it being porn immediatly :'D

Ah that's nice :O I know my grandfather used to grow up in India, I used to've a very good friend from Malasia btw ;3 ( excuse my spelling it's off today xD)
No ******** clue mad D

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Translater* Not translotor D:
Damn xD rofl

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xD Lol I don't think I can beat that level of lamelesness razz

First i'm taking a year of college and then I'm going to university to get my English degree and become an English translotor :'D

:O You could try working a job and save the money for you trip? razz That's what I'm doing ^^'

I'm from the Lowlands ( wich is also an Awesome festival around here in Holland)
Lol thank you xD It's Maria+Charlotte in one, but I dislike maria and charlotte as names both razz hehe
So where do you live? D: ... ( it's probably on your profile but eh, yeah xD To lazy to read... )

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Wich one was you watching ? And it's ok razz Everybody has a lame piece of their life I'm sure ^^'

smile True that! Still it's quite exciting 4laugh
Do you already know what you gonna do After Highschool?

haha razz I see, you lucky b*****d xD I've to pay everything myself, but I'm hoping that If i get my examns Cume laude they'll pay my flight there ;D

*waves* Hai I'm Marlot ;3 And thank you :'D

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Tnx for buying!!!!

Report | 01/30/2010 4:13 am


What's up? YASMIN?

Report | 12/31/2009 11:07 pm


aww thnx! happy 2010 to u too! *hugs* i think i did wish 4 ur bday...
yeah, being on holiday 4rm skool is great and all but u do sometimes miss all the drama life of high school... xP
Good luck for your "SATs" this year...!

Wow, u got to go to S'pore??? THAT'S AWESOME! i've been there like 3 and 4 times and i totally love it there
it's so seronok there...what did u buy? did u hav fun with ur grandma? why was ur stomach queasy??
being old is a bummer though but u get to do stuff u weren't allowed to do b4...

good luck for this whole new year ^-^
wat r ur new year resolutions??