I'm amazingly lazy, I will worry about this section when I see fit. Until then, get to know me or what-not.

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You can find me more often on my main account: Lady Sabattica.
This mule is indeed active though, just not every day like my main is.

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Re-Gaining Unconciousness

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Report | 04/26/2008 2:24 pm


Give me one good reason why I should add your half-ass account.

Report | 10/18/2007 12:40 pm


Dystopia Lycanthropia

Report | 10/18/2007 5:16 am

Dystopia Lycanthropia

Very nice avi, Chelsea... by the way. 'Tis smexeh. ;P
-[ Odo ]-

Report | 10/15/2007 1:39 pm

-[ Odo ]-


You should really concentrate on your homework.

Don't be a procrastinator like meh.. it's bad. xD;

I'm glad you like it, though. Good luck with the university. <3

Thanks. ^_^ I'm turning, well, turned, 18. I'm officially legal, woo hoo. 8D

Yeah. >_>;

Did your friend have a nice birthday? O:

Psh. I bet you do more than you say you do. <3

How was the pumpkin festival? O:
-[ Odo ]-

Report | 10/12/2007 8:01 pm

-[ Odo ]-

Yus. Try our best. x] <3

Aww. D:

Well, it is that time of year for everyone to be busy. @_x;

College has started for you?

That must be cool.

Besides being busy, how is it?

And jeez, 30+ hours?

I couldn't do that. @_<;

I'm working 11+.

As for anything new -

my birthday's tomorrow. xD:

That's really it.

What about anything new with you? O:
-[ Odo ]-

Report | 10/10/2007 6:59 pm

-[ Odo ]-

-gets tackled- I miss you too! <3

And I know! D:

We keep doing it.

It is teh sux0rz.

We need to try harder to keep in contact.

Noi. D; <3

I am... super super busy.

I've got dance, step, school, and work.

My social life is only on Sundays now.. @____<;

How are you? O:

Dystopia Lycanthropia

Report | 10/10/2007 12:19 pm

Dystopia Lycanthropia

*giggles* Yes. We are. <33

I had a good night... :3 I hope you did, too~ D;

I lova you!!
-[ Odo ]-

Report | 10/09/2007 6:36 pm

-[ Odo ]-


We need to talk more. D:

Dystopia Lycanthropia

Report | 09/27/2007 3:58 pm

Dystopia Lycanthropia

*is off-balance now and falls over* X_x

I'll tell you as soon as I get to talk to you a bunch! You need to be on a bunch this weekend. I should be on. <3
Dystopia Lycanthropia

Report | 09/26/2007 5:27 am

Dystopia Lycanthropia

Yay. ;3 Can't wait, then. Less than a year to go 'til I'm legal!

I still haven't gotten to tell you details about Saturday night~



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