SO if you want to know more about me, read below. Although it seriously needs an update..But I am currently too lazy to do that right at this moment. xDD
I was on a hiatus for quite a while, but I'm back now. ~ GAIA I MISSED YOU-
LOl, you did not see that .xDD

Nickname: Mini
Age:16 .. XD rather small?~ idk

Likes: Cute stuff, food, friends, food, music , writing, reading, art, movies...ect.
Did I tell you I love music?~ it keeps me calm..<33
Dislikes: Dark, small space, height, being alone.
Personalitly: I'm a relatively friendly person, and I love to make new friends, and hang-out with them. I'm rather fun, but can get annoying.I can be hyper and serious, my emotions change rater quickly. I'm also pretty blunt at times, so don't get mad. I'm not perfect because no-ones perfect, and I do make MISTAKES.
Nice to meet you <3 bye.
Birthday: June 20
hopefully I get some presents! Lol. Just kidding. I'm not that greedy, but probably would want some.I like to give, it makes me feel good inside.
"Everyday is a start of something new"
Woah..since when did I get so happy and had so much belief?..eh.
"Everyday is a pitch black room full of evil.."
Eh...I don't get that Emo do I?
Others: I Love to hangout in SESC with all my friends though I'm absent a-lot due to some reasons...
I love to role-play but I'm taking a break,due to some reasons...
"love is a drug"
it truly is
"life is unfair
Haven't you noticed when you want something it goes farther away, but when you don't want it, its always there?....hahaha lol
luv you
Thats all about me. hope you enjoyed my profile! bye <3

Thanks to all my friends for their encouragement through everything. Both on gaia and real!(most of my friends on gaia I know somehow in Rl..Lol?~
Thanks to people who donate to me so generously, especially those people in my guild!!!<3 (why not.)
Thanks to you for taking your time to read this "about me" section!
(you could be doing other things right now instead of reading soo..yea...)

Thank You Donators
I'd just like to make known some of the awesome people who have donated things off my wishlist and some really generous gifts; to me both in the past and now!~ :]
Sweet Saphire Dragon ---> THANK YOU! xD
blazin pikachu --> THANKS ;]
Mrs_Matthew_Williams --> :]
WHYNOT guild --> someone from really long ago who donated the angelic microphone. XD
Lots of Awesome Anons from the recent events~~ --> I am blessed with your stories and gifts~~


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Mini's page of words

Words...words...and more words..... Lol..Um..kk. Here in the page of words is like a happy, emo, random feeling place that bunches of words get bounced around. Maybe like sad, then happy, but it's random. So anyone to read, or comment is welcomed


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Angstbucket Edgelord

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Angstbucket Edgelord

Dude. Must brush the dust and cobwebs off the Eternal Bargain.

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why are things complicated? what things are complicated? how do u make ur profile like that? can u make my profile like that? how do u add a picture to your signature? can u add it for me? how do you put music on ur profile? can u put it for me? Ok. Thanks. love u too heart heart heart cat_3nodding cat_3nodding cat_3nodding

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I like ur avi

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hellen :3
Princess Tsunneko

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Princess Tsunneko

Your purchase is much obliged cat_3nodding
Chocolate Latte

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Chocolate Latte

cutie heart

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Thanks for buying xd

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crying miss uu. lol im starting to seem annoying to myself. >.< and Happy Birthdayyy smile <3

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O M G helen! im coming to china! *hyperventilates* <3
x PurpleSugar

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x PurpleSugar

Uhmm reply to my email!
Im coming to ChINA at the end of april! we need to meet up. im there at april 23 or 24! plz reply!


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