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Your Number One Drug Report | 01/05/2015 3:31 pm
Your Number One Drug
Waaah!!?? What happened? What kind of stint?? What happened to your computer? @ A @
Your Number One Drug Report | 01/04/2015 4:25 pm
Your Number One Drug
HAY! Where'd you go???
Sneaky Slave Report | 11/23/2014 5:59 pm
Sneaky Slave
Sorry to hear. I've been there! At least you still get to see the little guy. Anything new and exciting happen during my absence?
Sneaky Slave Report | 11/23/2014 9:12 am
Sneaky Slave
Are you on the lady friend on the quits? Or not living together anymore? And thank you :3 Maybe I didn't know your situation's entirety
RETROS Report | 11/21/2014 7:52 pm
Hey thanks man for your interest in my post.
Tentacle Prawn Report | 11/21/2014 5:03 am
Tentacle Prawn
Tentacle Prawn Report | 11/21/2014 4:55 am
Tentacle Prawn
when did i piss you off?????????
Sneaky Slave Report | 11/18/2014 9:03 pm
Sneaky Slave
Heya! I'm well, thank you! I just had my birthday yesterday. How've you and the little squirt been ?
IAmGodMode Report | 11/18/2014 6:23 pm
Gosh. I've never tried it, but I'm tempted to this year, especially since I don't plan on coming back home pretty much ever after I leave.
IAmGodMode Report | 11/18/2014 6:19 pm
Be thar turducken in your holiday future?