Yes i know my profile is messed up but i'm still working on it ^.^ i would love pics of them though, speciall cosmo! ^.^

Well i'm miel.... stare ................................
I do talk spanish so stop asking stare
I hate mostly all stare
This is how you remind me of who I realy am
I don't donate to strangers so stop sending pms about donating to you. I would only do so if I feel generous which is very very rare. stare Only donate to good friends too
I love nonsense

Sorry if you leave a comment and don't reply to you fast, is just that i have limited time on here and i usually never have enough time to get to answer all of my precious comments
But keep commenting it shows you care ^.^ heart

Look at the cuteness
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by ringory

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by demi


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miel2005's Revenge!!!

This is were I take a relief after all that hard time through out the day.



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Plus your Youtube video equals MP3!
The song is "See Who I Am" by Within Temptation
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Metamorfosis Mental

miel por qué tienes muchos wishlist iguales?? surprised
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mirame rofl
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mira mis ojos eek
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das miedo miel con ese avatar nuevo eek por sierto, no estoy en tu top crying crying crying crying crying
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Metamorfosis Mental

hey feliz cumple años xd hehehe mendigo gaia no me avisó de tu cumple y la verdad yo tengo mala memoria por eso de presentra una pintura en la escuela stare pero de todos modos FELIZ navidad xd ooohh digo este... xd Feliz cumple años xd jojojojo mandame una rebanada de pastel, no ?? xd o de perdis la bolsita de dulces cool sale miel cuidate y gracias por ser mi friend cool ánimo. Baygon xd
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Never Ask Dante

biggrin birfday
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Send This To All Your Friends, And Me If I Am 1.
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Never Ask Dante

im sorry miel.


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and me?
well nothings new...

its good to hear that ud have free time next week
i on the other hand wud be busy
for the next 4 weeks a month exactly..
I have on calls on hospital in the operating room and delivery
room on the 12-15 of may
and then pre immersion seminarthen immersion after
for 3 weeks// crying