Likes: Forums. Arizona tea. Ramen noodles. Scrambled eggs. Cheese. Sandwiches. Rain. Photography. Laughing. Comments/messages. Writing. Drawing. Reading. Singing. Playing my cello. Plaid.

Dislikes: Bad grammar. Sports. Homework. Disney Chanel. Cheerios. Sunny days. Overplayed songs on the radio. Brown eyes. People who spell my name with an "i" at the end instead of a "y." Greasy hair. Neon colors.


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I don't even like pumpkin pie!

When you read my journal entries, you will soon find out that I'm quite random, but also rather boring. And I also don't post a lot in journals at all. Oh well.


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Hahahaha yes. I guess I should change that.

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Dude, hi.

We should totally run around zomg again sometime, for old times' sake. xD

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Honestly, I think the first reason I did stick around was that I liked the art better and I wanted to buy some of the items. And to get the gold, I had to post in the forums. And that's how I found out I actually like most of the other users on the site, where I don't really like most of the users on gaia. It had its drawbacks but I like it a lot more than gaia.

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Haha, I love snow that doesn't feel cold.

But yeah. Commercialism sucks. Gaia gets more and more disappointing with time. I've actually been hanging out at soliaonline.com for a few months now. Exact same concept as Gaia, but it has fewer advertisements, and the userbase tends to be nicer (art and literature critiques for example), smarter, older, and more mature than here. A drawback is that there are fewer ways to make money. Right now the only ways to gain gold are through forum posts and profile comments, although they're working on PM and lurking gold, and eventually games. Join if you feel like it. My username is Audrey.

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I like your avatar, Kelly. :3

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Hey Kelly Mo-Belly Not-Smelly. What's up? I'm commenting on your profile...fun-ness. Happy almost-Easter!

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Thank you biggrin
I have a cello but I haven't had any lessons yet lol

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Have you played Robot Unicorn Attack? The song Always is in it. And I might have liked the other song but the video for it was... extremely distracting.

Sounds like you're conversing with yourself in French. Je m'appelle Chelsea? o.O

I don't really talk to Todd anymore either. He apologized for not having called me, but I don't know if that means he eventually will.

I haven't seen Megamind.

Aw, I like Twister. I haven't played it in forever.

When I'm pregnant, I want to purposely not know the baby's gender so that people have to buy everything in yellow. xD It's my favorite color.

Aw, I saw. I'm jealous. Not that I really draw anymore...

I never write a Christmas list because if I tell people what to get me, then I feel obligated to get them something in return. I've rarely gotten a gift I actually wanted.

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Ugh, I know. It only ever corrects things I spell wrong on purpose. I had it turned off on my old computer, but for my English class I have to send papers via email and it makes my job as proofreader a lot easier. Especially when it's eight a.m. and I'm half asleep and rushing to get the paper done by nine a.m. Which is almost always. But again, it mostly only corrects names of people and places, and once it corrected a word that I left in the paper anyway even though it was probably wrong. I've had it correct other words though, and in that class, I think my grammar and spelling skills are the only qualities I possess to keep from failing.

That's more French than I know. What does "comme ca va" mean? The only thing that annoys me about French is that it's not written how it's pronounced. English isn't really either, but most other languages at least make some sense. I still think French is the most beautiful language though.

Mine was all right. Break lasted a week, but it felt a lot shorter than that. I got home Friday night. Saturday, I went to see the new Harry Potter movie with Jason. I sat around and did nothing Sunday. On Monday, I went to high school for three hours and got kicked out because now you're apparently only allowed to visit for thirty minutes. On Tuesday, I took part in a quizbowl practice match between our high school and middle school teams. It was cute how the middle schoolers practically worshipped (come on, Firefox, really?) me. I felt pretty special. It was probably the most exciting thing I did all week. It was also the last time I saw Jason. On Wednesday I went with Tracy to her ultrasound appointment. I can't believe she's having her third kid. Erin Johnson's pregnant too; she's due about a month earlier. I had dinner with my mom's side of the family on Thanksgiving. I didn't do anything on Friday. Saturday, I came back to school. I've been kind of depressed ever since. There's a lot of little reasons. Todd hasn't called me in a few weeks, and it's just now starting to hurt. I think seeing Jason and realizing things aren't really the same has made me feel especially lonely. The weather sucks. I have a presentation to do next week and I've barely started. I miss home. The only thought that can still put a smile on my face these days is being invited to play board games with the guys from Thermopylae. I'm lucky they like me because I don't know what I'd do if they didn't.

Hey, I didn't know you were first chair. That's sweet. I'm glad you're working hard at practicing and enjoying it. I miss orchestra. A violin is on my list of things I want but am too cheap to buy for myself. The rest of the list includes schnazzy headphones, a good camera, a nifty and warm winter hat (which may end up on my own shopping list eventually), buckyballs, and many more. Maybe I should tell my brother about this list. xD I think he has me for secret Santa, but I'm not sure. I have him and I don't really know what to get him, but Gracie has his girlfriend, so maybe we'll put our money together and get them something they can use as a family. Christmas this year is going to cost me more than it ordinarily does. I still have to buy gifts for the boys, and maybe for someone in Thermopylae if they do secret Santa which they might. Is it sad that I'm more excited for Christmas with them than with my family? It's just that I think they know me better, which I guess is the part that's sad.

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Haha. Maybe I'll dye my hair blonde and then you can color mine yellow. xD

Really? That's weird. I always use "blonde" even though spell check says it's wrong. Just like I use "grey" instead of "gray".

Tim Frasier. He's a superhero. He's one of my friends from Thermopylae that I sit with at dinner and play Risk with on the weekends.

French is a really pretty language. I wish my school had offered it. Brandon used to speak to me in French. It was kind of hot.

I had a dream that my teeth were falling out too! People talk about those all the time, but I've never had one until last night. Your second dream sounds like it could be a scene in Mad World. xD

Haha. I've been reading xkcd a lot recently and that reminds me of something. http://xkcd.com/467/

Aw, I know. Neopets is owned by Nickelodeon now. Like quizilla. My childhood is being destroyed. ._.

It's hard unless you pick a real person who doesn't look like a real person. Like Michael Jackson or Lady Gaga. I think I remember you talking about Hans last year. Same guy?

I guess that's true. I just know we have to write a ton of papers.

Wow, that sounds exhausting! Good luck!


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