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Aqua was a princess of the Nohrian royal family and daughter of the second queen consort of King Garon, Shenmei, but she was captured by Hoshido shortly after the protagonist was kidnapped in an attempt to trade the two back to their respective kingdoms.

When Garon refused, she was raised in Hoshido in a fairly similar fashion to the protagonist, and Queen Mikoto ordered the people of Hoshido to treat her like a princess of the kingdom. She is a gifted songstress and dancer. Her song has great power when used in conjunction with her pendant.

Due to the rejection and discrimination she faced as a child in both Hoshido and Nohr, Aqua developed a reserved and stoic personality, only opening up to people she felt close to. This stoicism can sometimes cause her to hurt others' feelings without meaning to.

Although she can get slightly emotional at times, Aqua is kindhearted and surprisingly knowledgeable about many things, some of which others would not know about. She has the worst cases of bed hair in the army and is a restless sleeper. She also has a weakness for cute things and enjoys telling scary stories.

Shortly before the start of the great war, Aqua meets the protagonist and they discover that they are of similar origins and situations. She allies with the them throughout the story, regardless of what path they choose. Her birthday is March 3rd.


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