Road Kamelot is what my friends call me, and those on here call me Mari or Mari-chan. I'm a junior in High School and am hating every minute of it, or rather just my history classes. I really enjoy trying to make art, and have made a few good jewelry projects in my jewelry class. I have been to France, Austria (Not Australia), Italy, and Switzerland but live in the US. I am a dog person and have two wonderfully amazing dogs, but I do enjoy petting cats. I can usually be find in a book store and usually have my head stuck in a book. I love anime and manga and am trying(emphasis on the trying part) to raise money to get myself a cosplay for an anime I love. Which cosplay, I'm not sure of. When not reading, I tend to be playing a number of Final Fantasy games and am currently trying to complete Final Fantasy XIII-2 completely.

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Hey there, you have been on my friends list for a while, I think it was because of constantly being in RP's together. Umm lets see well i just wanted to say Hiya smile


Marinalla is on [u:817e8403a4]Deviantart[/u:817e8403a4]! [i:817e8403a4]Please[/i:817e8403a4] go there and check out the awesome stories she writes. Name on there is [b:817e8403a4]MistressHell-Cat[/b:817e8403a4][/align:817e8403a4][/color:817e8403a4]