Cosplayer Extroadinare! I am Mara_Coyru and I have cosplayed as Ulala/Miku and Tira from soul Calibur IV and will soon be cosplaying as Commander Shepard From Mass Effect 2! if you klnow ANYTHING about armor making let me know! heart
I am 17, embarking on my last yer of highschool (thank god lol) and i am open to all kinds of new friendships! pm me if you dare 3nodding


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Mara's Great Chaos Through Life.

My Chaos

Pretty much stupid things that happen to me in everyday life.



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svper hero

Report | 03/27/2012 1:08 pm

svper hero

If you like this Copy and paste to 4 other profiles then press f5 and get 500,000gg
Miss Brunei

Report | 12/19/2011 11:24 pm

Miss Brunei

dont worry! thanks anyway smile
Miss Brunei

Report | 11/15/2011 2:42 pm

Miss Brunei

Hi, I love your avi and would like to invite you to the Miss Gaia Nations 2012 pageant which will start on December 28. I’ve been organizing this pageant since 2008. In this pageant you should pick a country and represent it just like in real life international pageants. here is the list of countries Miss Gaia Nations'12 countries you can pick from, and also I’ve made galleries of national costumes from past Miss Universe editions so you can have a better idea on what country to choose based on their national costumes. Here are the links, I’ve arranged them by continental zones EUROPE, ASIA & OCEANIA, AFRICA, and AMERICAS. After the national costume round some delegates will be eliminated and the remaining will go on to the Cocktail Dress round, then Swimsuit, then Evening Gown, and the Top 7 contestants will advance to the Final Question which will determine along with the previous scores the winner. Prizes will be awarded to all 7 finalists. Hope you join and any questions just tell me! biggrin

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Hello Friend!!!

I am here to ask you if you would like to join my next contest...

Pixar Queen!

This is not a pagent, but like one. It has rounds, but the rounds are not bathing suit or ball gown, they will be asking you to dress your avi up in a costume.
This is why it is a contest, not a pagent.

Pixar Queen is my new contest.
My last contest was Disney Princess, in which the lovely SHAKIRONA won, with Miss Brunei right behind in a close 2nd.

Here are what the rounds will consist of...

Round One: Toy Story!
You must dress up as any Toy Story character you would like.
To pass this round, you must get a score of 10.

Round Two: Finding Nemo!
You must do the best you can to make your avi represent one of the main fish from this movie.
You must have a score of 20 to make it to the next round.

Round Three: Monsters Inc.
Dress up like either Mike or Sulli!
You must have a score of 30 to pass.

Round Four: A Bugs Life!
You must do your best to make your avi represent a bug from the "Circus Troop"
A score of 40 will make you pass. Only 3 will continue to the last round.

Round Five: WALL-E
The last remaining three will each do their best to dress their avi like Wall-E, and also Eve.
This highest score will be crowned Pixar Queen.

I will comment you when a round starts, you are to comment back telling me when you are ready. I will then score you, comment you your score and tell you if you are quilified for the next round or not.

The winner will recieve 20,000 gold and a pearl necklace, like the one on my avi.

The two runner ups will also recieve a gift.

If you would like to participate, please comment back!
As soon as I get enough people, we will start right away.


PS!!!! Courtney, if you are looking for pagents, SHAKIRONA and MIss Brunei, on my friends list, have many pagents.

Report | 05/23/2011 3:21 pm


biggrin rawr ;p

Report | 04/10/2011 5:53 pm


Holli WouId If She Could

Report | 03/22/2011 12:51 pm

Holli WouId If She Could

You're welcome
beautiful avatar btw
Raincoat Reindeer

Report | 03/20/2011 2:46 pm

Raincoat Reindeer

I learned how to get away with not doing much of anything and how to loiter around.
Raincoat Reindeer

Report | 03/20/2011 2:42 pm

Raincoat Reindeer

Ah, of course. I don't remember learning anything in middle school...
Raincoat Reindeer

Report | 03/20/2011 2:36 pm

Raincoat Reindeer

I'm sorry. sweatdrop Orange talk book? Did we do that in some class we shoulda been paying attention in? That sounds likely...


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