Here's my basic rofile, if there ever was one.

Name: Matthew Lahman

Age: 14

Hair color: Usually dirty blonde, but it's blonde for a while.

weight: Before I state my weight, I must stay if you have any negative remarks about my weight, then STFU! Now that that's out of th way, 170.

hobbies: pcomputer, music, television, and kicking my video game consoles when they cheat.

my hopes and dreams: to backpack around the continent, and visit long-lost friends, family, and aquaintences (which will take a lot of work, when you think about it) . Then when that's done, get a well-paying career in cooking, and hopefully get married my age 35 (although I'm sure there aren't any promises)

a day in the life of me: computer, food, computer, TV, computer, nap, computer, video games, computer, a walk here and there, and computer. Is it me, or i there a pattern here somewhere?

usual amount of sleep: during school, 6-8 hours. During summer, are you kidding me?

favorites: drink: coffee or soda. video game: don't even ask. dont even ASK. food: STEAK! comedian: Dane Cook, Carlos Mencia, Katt Williams, Chris Rock, Dana Carvey (yes, Dana Carvey is a comedian, and to the DDDs, yes, Dana Carvey is a dude), Louis CK, George Carlin

TV shows: Unless you need a time-killer, don't ask even if your life depends on it.

friends: Geoff, Nevada, Alison, Garance, Athena, Robin (AKA El Pollo Loco Maestro), Dani, Jerry (AKA Foam Helmet special), My sis, my nephew, my mom, my family and relatives, Mordorna, Hotflash, Assesinar, Genkai, Lurien and Sunbeam (The WoW couple) Kyle M., Kyle S., Brian Slusher, Brandon West, Katalina, Cheyenne, Melissa, Camden Segle, Travis Silva (AKA DDD), John Arnebeck (AKA the pain) and others.

my perfect match: good personality, caring, smart, nice, open-mindedness is a bonus.

my flaws (oh god where to start?): weight problem, short fuse when tired, accident prone, rarely show emotion (and I mean rarely, ask anyone I know), lazy, sensitive to pain (I MEAN sensitive)

music I listen to: Snoop dogg, Akon, Hoobastank, Aerosmith, Van Halen, ACDC, KISS, Weird Al, Nickelback, other stuff.

other things I wish to add: backpacking is gonna be very hard, I can already tell. I'd rather get plane tickets, but who has that kind of money?

I leave you with these words: If you've got a problem, then fix it. If it can't be fixed, then STFU.



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