I changed my Gaia Username. Formerly known as "Delmisa"
Don't let this confuse you.

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Hey. The name is Sarah.
I stutter o:
That means I talk "l-l-l-ike th-this". But not all the time.
And yes, I hate it. Very much..
I'm 16 years old as of July 27. Worst birthday ever though....was SUPPOSED to be the best but ehh whatever..that jerk better make up for it though.

I'm in love with someone, which sucks. Alot. 'cause he doesnt love me anymore...*sigh* But...I'll live..
Uhh..I have siblings, I hate them. And I have parents. Hate them too. The only thing living in this house that I moderatly like is my kitty. Mhmm. Thats it.
I'm the 3rd child of 4. 2 older sisters and one little...brat.
I have awesome friends =D they make my life worth living some of the time.
I got (in no particular order) Hajer, Munira, Camila, and Dover..my besties x3 they're awesome. Even though the last one is a jerk most of the time, I still love him xD I hope he never forgets that.
My other friends..too many to name D: But alls ya gotta know is that they're awesome~

About me..I have blonde hair, green eyes with 2 mysterious brown flecks in them o.o and they change color in the sunlight. I failed a year of school. 8th to be exact. I was skipping basically ALL my classes with Hajer..thats why I failed, I'm not an idiot..dont judge me...>_> but I guess it was good that I failed, 'cause if I didnt I wouldnt have met my first love xP even though he broke my heart and I still love him, I'm happy that we met and had the time we spent together.
I go to school o: going into 10th in September, wish I was in homeschooled though D: I go to Riverside Academy West. I live in shitty Michigan but I was born in Boston~ ;D which is also where most of family is.
I have 7 piercings. 3 on my left ear, 2 on my right, one on my nose and one on my belly button. I really want a lip or eyebrow but my evil mom will never let me >_>
I LOVE YAOI! Being with my love made me stop watching it for the most part though xP now that he's gone my obsession is back~ thats pretty much the only good thing that came out of it though. My favorite couple is NarutoxSasuke. Yeah I know, very common but its what made me get started <3 and they're so cute together! I like much, MUCH more. Don't be scared to talk to me about it x3 I love pairing Sasuke and Gaara up with EVERYONE. Except with Lee, he gets no one o.o Naruto isnt the only yaoi I like..dont ever think that...just my favorite! Well yeah, the rest of the list is too long to put so..yeah xP just ask me if ya wanna know.

Well, thats all I can come up with at the moment so...add me if ya wanna know more or just for the hell of it. Buh bye~

&&ask me about my MySpace if ya wanna add me~


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Nothing special.

But there is a poem in here if you wanna read it.

Just used to kill profile space.



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bittersweet world girl

Report | 09/11/2009 7:35 pm

bittersweet world girl

thanks for buying..and i LOVE your profil..^_^ha ha=]

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i might get to it lol but it might be later lol hold on
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yeah iv been trying for 4 years .. lol soon i as i do something new happens lol but thank u <3
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*hugs* i hope u eventualy find some closur
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its been like a week for me ~_~
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i feel realy dizzy right now its wierd
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ill wait till later after u get every thing off ur chest
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i dont know i have much a story just whine lol


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