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Mules: Deidara Akamem , Cremisi Ragno
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Byakuran (白蘭 Byakuran?) is the former boss of the Gesso Family, and the incumbent leader of the Millefiore Family whose aim is to obtain "ultimate power" Trinisette (7³) by gathering the Vongola Rings, Mare Rings, and Arcobaleno pacifiers together in one place; he has a portrait that has a slot for each item. To achieve his goals, Byakuran has ordered the complete extermination of the Vongola Family, even targeting their friends and allies. He also had special radiation released into the atmosphere in order to specifically kill all Arcobaleno members. Though he possesses the Sky Mare Ring, he has purposefully hidden his true abilities, and maintains a carefree attitude, even during his fight with Mukuro Rokudo, whom he critically injures. Despite his ruthlessness toward his enemies, he has a cheerful disposition when around his subordinates, especially toward Shoichi Irie, despite knowing of the latter's betrayal. According to Irie, Byakuran's power is the ability to share thoughts and experiences with versions of himself in all possible parallel worlds, giving him a power similar to omniscience, the ability to know everything. Byakuran's realization of his abilities was brought about when a young Irie continuously time-traveled into different futures and came in contact with two versions of Byakuran. His other selves have used this ability to become the dictator of their world, with the world the story is set in being the only one where he is not. However, his power is also weakening over time, which is why he needs Yuni, to replenish his abilities but in the end he is defeated and incinerated by Tsuna's flames. During Tsuna's original time, Byakuran is shown to have helped Takeshi recover from injuries.

Behind the Cosplay?!
NOTHING. Get over it, dammit.
Just joking with you~ I am:
*A cosplayer
*A Gaian
*A crazy
*A Visual Kei fan
*A the GazettE-tard
*A manga/anime lover
*A bipolar.

I am NOT:
*A nice person
*A bad person
*A calm person

We'll surely get along.


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Rokudo Pineapple Mukuro

Report | 10/19/2012 10:04 pm

Rokudo Pineapple Mukuro

[[ Hello there~ <3;; I don't know if you'll accept my friend request but okay. ]]
Kufufu....Well, who do we have here?
//Glanced at him with a sinister smirk

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    I feel like I have missed talking to you in a while. OMG. ;A;
    (( My old username was KHR Kyoya Hibari & I changed new one iSkylark, by the way !! ))
Old Xian

Report | 04/17/2012 10:51 pm

Old Xian

get well soon
Raina Wilwarin

Report | 04/16/2012 7:51 am

Raina Wilwarin


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Thanks for buying men :3
Raina Wilwarin

Report | 02/18/2012 9:56 pm

Raina Wilwarin

(=//////=) Eating machine you are.

Like, tell me how much you ate on Valentine's Day, hm?

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I am so ******** upset that whole Team Yuni has been eliminated. SHrughh.. Team random Colonello are just a bunch of s**t. "WHY DID YOU MAKE ME LOSE INTERESTS, AKIRA AMANO?" :c

Hey, I skipped few pages of Tsuna vs Iemitsucks in the last chapter. & I was happy to see Fon & Hibari.

You have Deidara mule? In the past, I used to cosplay Sai... but I dumped Sai mule... >n>
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Raina Wilwarin

Report | 02/02/2012 5:06 am

Raina Wilwarin

...You scare me sometimes. = ='''

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If that's you in your sig, you look amazing ^w^