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A boy and a girl,
the best of friends.
From elementary to high school
from beginning to end.

Through all those years
their friendship grew.
They both felt the same,
but neither knew.

Each waking moment
since the day they met.
They both loved each other
sunrise to sunset.

He was all she had
in her terrible life.
He was the one
who kept her from her knife.

She was his angel,
she made him smile.
Though life threw him curves,
she made it all worth while.

Then one day
things went terribly wrong.
The next few weeks
were like a very sad song.

He made her jealous
on purpose he tried.
When the girl asked, "Do you love her?"
on purpose he lied.

He played with jealousy
like it was a game.
Little did he know
Things would never be the same.

His plan was working
but he had no clue.
How wrong things would go,
the damage he would do.

One night she broke down,
feeling very alone.
Just her and the blade,
no one else home.

She dialed his number,
he answered, "Hello"
She told him she loved him
and hung up the phone.

He raced to her house
just a minute too late.
Found her lying in blood,
her heart had no rate.

Beside her was a note,
in it her confession.
Her love for this boy,
her only obsession.

As he read the note,
he knelt down and cried.
Grabbed her knife,
that night they both died.

She was found in his arms,
both of them dead.
Under her note
his handwriting said:

"I loved her so,
she never knew.
All this time
I loved her too."
She had always liked him
But never truly knew why
He never talked to her
His friends had made her cry

She smiled at him in the hall
He just turned his head
He did not care about her
Is what he always said

But she kept her chin up
And she loved him still
Because she knew what was inside
A hole that she could fill

His friends soon caught word
Of her feelings toward him
They found it hysterical
But her love did not dim

She knew that she was better
Than what they thought she was
But still her heart was his
For reasons she knew not of

She slowly became more forlorn
Slipping deep into a hole
He was still ignoring her
Breaking her delicate soul

But her love did not falter
She always thought of him
But all the rumors about her
Put her closer to the brim

On the final day
His friends played a trick
Told her that he loved her
Just to watch her tick

Sadly she believed them
And she was overjoyed
Little did she know
That it was all a ploy

She went up to him
To make sure that he knew
That she knew how he felt
And that she loved him too

He did not understand
So all he did was stare
Telling her repeatedly
That he really did not care

She was finally over the edge
She knew it could not be true
I thought they said he loved her
But deep inside she knew

She could not comprehend
How to go on living her life
So she went in to the kitchen
Pulled out the sharpest knife

She screamed into the air
This is not how it should be
She screamed all the things
That she wished that he would see

She spoke of her love
She cried of her pain
She whispered of what happened
How it could never be the same

And with her last strength
She scribbled her final note
She explained everything
And this is what she wrote:

Take the shining knife,
And cut open my wrists
Watch the blood flow out
It couldve ended with a kiss

Take the bloody knife
Write words into my skin
Tell me that you hate me
Make the pain begin

Take the knife and hold it up
So that everyone can see
That this is the pain
You were always causing me

She watched the blood pour out
Collapsing on the floor
Little did she know
That he was at the door

He did not get an answer
As he screamed her name
He told her he was sorry
What he said was really lame

He did not want to give up
He wanted her to know
That he really did like her
Just did not let it show

He did not care about his friends
They were not his anymore
So please, wont you please
Just open the damn door

He walked to the window
Saw her lying there
He pounded on the glass
Crying in despair

He broke through the glass
And knelt down on the floor
Looking at the girl
He had always adored

Desperately calling for help
She was still alive
He tried to bandage wounds
Please God let her survive

He held her so close
As the ambulance drew near
I really do love you
He whispered in her ear.

Please dont give up
I'll try to help you through
We will make it work
You know I love you too.
You don't remember me
But I remember you
The shadow of who I used to be
The person I thought I knew

Who I was and who I am
Are as different as black and white
This soul doesn't give a damn
I'm going down without a fight

Replace this pain with something real
And I bleed until I bleed no more
There are too many wounds that cannot heal
I'm going through this open door

I'm screaming so loud but you are gone
You said that happiness is real, but I beg to differ
I'll always know that you are wrong
As I press this blade to my wrist I may whisper:

Is happiness just a dream?
This pain has always been here
Why can't you hear me when I scream?
Suicide is something I will always hold dear

Now I am an angel of death
The girl with the broken smile
I wander the night till I take my last breath
I long to be who I was as a child

This blade runs down my arm
I wonder if just once I will cut too deep
If the blood will trickle down my wrist till I bleed no more
Will someone finally hear me?

Then I will at last be gone
My olive green eyes empty
For once all will be right, not wrong
My soul finally set free

My note will be short, not more than a sentence
For my life was painful, so will be the end
The magical phrase will be echoed forever
Known by all, it shall be:

Suicide is painless, it's only life that hurts
My soul is tranquil
And I bleed till I take this last breath
Now that I am gone
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