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Freaque of Nature Report | 09/14/2019 10:45 pm
Freaque of Nature
Hello Hello, how you doing?
Fmagirl21 Report | 09/14/2019 10:39 pm
i'm good just watching youtube
Niji Drachen Report | 04/24/2019 12:33 am
Niji Drachen
add me on discord if you get this HaftheSkjold#4105
Darling Moon Moriarty GS Report | 04/18/2019 11:45 am
Darling Moon Moriarty GS
LunaUnicornMayhem #8139*
Darling Moon Moriarty GS Report | 04/18/2019 11:45 am
Darling Moon Moriarty GS
If you got discord add me LunaGhostDarkrose I really miss talking to you papa
Niji Drachen Report | 04/13/2019 5:40 pm
Niji Drachen
*much yelp and catches and smiles* hey... whats your discord? i need it i missed you...
Niji Drachen Report | 03/20/2019 1:28 pm
Niji Drachen
"i bet you don't even want to see me right now but hi...
HandsomeGoddamnJack Report | 09/26/2018 9:18 pm
not really unless I end up with more hours which is highly unlikely until about thanksgiving. and goodness, need to find a way to get the stress away. I'm not much of a meditation kind of person but that might help?
HandsomeGoddamnJack Report | 09/25/2018 10:06 pm
I'm just kind of eh... s**t keeps breaking down like my water heater and don't make enough money to fix it and have enough left over for paying off taxes because my boss continues to ******** me over by giving me s**t hours so... existing on the edge of having an existential crisis I guess? hows all your stuff going?
HandsomeGoddamnJack Report | 09/24/2018 10:41 pm
it's okay, though I hope my boss hasn't forgotten already like he always does. and thanks for the gift kiddo :> so how ya feelin? sorry for the late reply, my a** got stuck in internetless limbo for a few daya, could happen again soon just a heads up

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I'm 23, male and work as a caretaker through the day, at night i do digital commission work. Message me if you wanna chat, I'll get back to you when I can~

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