Fun color avis! I was bored and thought it would be cute!

I love dancing! Its my number one thing to do when I'm bored at
home! I love listening to music, and anytime i think the
beat is right i dance! Japanses songs are pretty fun to dance to!
My favorite songs to dance to is hare hare yukia and lucky
star! Check it on youtube if you like! I also made up my own moves
to this one song that was incredibly annoying to make
moves to it.

My friends and I are trying to make a club for what we love to do!
We want to make it fun for everyone and let every
member feel like a member! Not like the other club I was in where
where the president only pays attention to one group
while half of the club hardly gets to dance!

My friend marie is really good on the piano! On her piano recital
she went crazy on the piano that it she almost broke
it. Haha! She is really crazy! Not like my friend Bryan who is really
crazy!When he plays the piano he plays it so evily!
He is fun to pick on! He always does it to me! Yeah these two love making eachother angry! They are like an old couple! They love eating alot alot alopt of foods! marie can eat about 55 plates of sushie and bryan would eat 56 plates of sweets!
Like one time my friend brought cupcakes too our school and when bryan got his he inhaled it!! Like when i just lookes away for one second it was already gone! and then the second one he ate was devored in less then a seconf and he had frosting all over him!
Even on my birthday he went crazy on the cake! he also asked if i was going to finish my piece of cake! he truelly loves sweets!

Marie on the other hand loves eating raw fish(i do to eat sushie but im not crazy for it like marie) one time we went out to eat at a japanese resturant and when theyhad a sell of half off sushie marie ordered like a bizillion sushies that everyone cooker there love having marie over because she will eat any kind of sushie! like when we were fasting we made her jealouse because she couldnt eat sushie!
She is really good friend and when my bf picks on me marie is like a soldier ready to go to war! well her and bryan did get in a war a couple of times! they were really funny because marie always drag me into them! i mean when i dont want to be in it marie grabbs my arm and drags me to the fight! they even fight over sweets and bryan always win because marie falls for his tricks! She also sucks at trying to keep her secrets to herself because this guy she likes (who would be unnamed till further notice) everytime he ask who she likes and he doesnt ask about hiomself she answers with a solem no! but when he asked her if he liked him she gets nervous and stutters when she tries to say no. marie is really random!

Bryan is a kinda look like an emo kid but not because hes not. some people say he looks like a robot but he dosent. He dosent like hugs he hates people touching him, well not really only people that is not his best friend and im his forth! marie is his second. he loves making fun of my other friend melissa(who has moved and miss her soooo much but she might move back.) He use to have long floowing hair that every girl wants it! he always tries getting better grades then me marie and melissa. he is so mean when he gets a better grade then the rest of us! like when he wanted to when this bet(he didnt) of not being mean he wanted to do really bad stuff to us! so cruel! he always love to brag how smart he is! and one time at his party he got sugar high (so did marie and his sister but not me cause i cant eat sweets that much cause im not a big fan!) and started making alot of combacks to us! He is a good friend even though he is a pain!

Ryan is a funny really wiered guy that loves to pay cards with patrick! he loves to pick on me bacause i knew him more and he just loves irritading the heck out of me! he is really nice and love to make jokes about me! like me and my other friends went to the park with ryan and he was so mean he almost pushed me off the swing but i know he wouldnt let me fall! thats how mean he is! he loves eating all kinds of food and his dogs are the cutest things ever! omg! like i said he is really nice but sometimes mean!

Patrick loves playing cards! i mean if we were older he would play strip poker and everyone would loose! but i dont play cards so yeah! lucky for me! i mean marie loves playing cards with him. he actually asked her if she wanted to play strip poker! she was so mad! i was in shock and so was bryan! we were in the park so they could of done that in the bathroom! he is really quiet and gets mad real easily! he dosent like it when people mess with trhe girls in our group! even though theres only me and marie right now. but he is really cool, and nice and a very good friend i would recommend then the reaper a.k.a bryan.

Meliisa was the shortes girl in our group and everyone loves picking on her! it was funny when i started talking to her about her shortness and then marie came then bryan then ben then patrick then the whole group! everyone cowded her and started commenting on how short she is. she didnt get mad but she was laughing and me crazily! marie and her love eating sweets and will try stuffing some in my throat too! i mean melissa got a crown for being the shortest! but when she left marie got the crown! she is so funn to mess with. when bryan took her naruto chibe doll away from her he threw it to me then i threw to marie she hesitated and threw to ben then when melissa got to him he lifted his hand up and she couldnt reach it! she was tried to jump up and get it but no hope! thats how short she is! she is really random and loves to be around!

Ben has a big head and has a twin with a big head! they are like the big head twins. but ben has pot shape head! he is really quiet! also byans number one friend! they really hangout with eachother! he is random to! he one time punched me in the stomach(not hard) and call it the abortin punch from captin folcon! he is really funny and lovesplaying with his yoyo! when we were at lucn he accidently hit lee in the head with it and started saying sorry right away! thats how nice he is! and i use to be taller then but now hes taller then me! so sad so very sad. so was marie but now she is the shorest!

This is a dream avi of my friend marie!
User Image
she loves green!

This a Dream avatar of my other friend Bryan!
User Image
He loves red!

Now this is melissa!
User Image
she loves grey!

ME! My friend made this one!
User Image
I love purple!

This is ben!
User Image
He loves orange!

This is my friend Josole. (dont know how to spell her name yet)
User Image
she loves red to!


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