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Total Value: 433,916 Gold
[Item Information]

Item List:
Let it Snow
Aqua And Blue Reversible Hair Pins
Majestic King
Kung Fu Panda (white belt)
Sexy Present (Valentines Day 2k9)
Ritzy White Pearl Necklace
White Neko Cosplay
Nitemare Collar
Gogh Reed 10th Gen.
Yokai's Treasure

Cheshire cat:
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Total Value: 635,568 Gold
[Item Information]

Item List:
White Bun-Bun Plushie
Chained Pocket Watch
Spring Nymph
Mona the Platypus
Sharp Fish Teeth
Pink Stripes Head Tattoo
Pink Stripes Torso Tattoo
Pink Stripes Right Arm Tattoo
Pink Stripes Left Arm Tattoo
Pink Stripes Bottom Tattoo
Grace of Aphrodite
Alruna's Rose 2nd Gen
Cheshire Cat Tail
Tomo's Basket

They name me Major;
i'm 16 years young;
I love Fruits basket;
I listen to a wide veriaty of music but i love Framing Hanley and Blood on the dance floor;
My favorite song is "Slow Dance" by: Framing Hanley;
I draw a lot (obviously) but i draw a heck of alot better in person and not on my Genius;
I'm pretty nice unless something is bothering me, if something is, give me a hug and i'll be ok;

I hope one day a guy would do something like teh We the King's "Secret valentine" video for me;
I believe in Karma and Paranormal;
I daydream constently;
If it says i'm "Online" im probably not cause i leave my computer on and never log out of things, but my cell is hooked onto here so i'll be aware of things and can get to em asap;
Swink_MK is meh owner, he be mighty Stellar ;
I love pokemon
I'm short, have black hair that used to be blonde, and wear dark eyeliner, and i'm told i'm "beautiful" (even tho i think very horribly about myself);
I guess that's all there is to tell...
Catch yea laterz thanks for reading.

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By: Endangered Barbie

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I didn't make teh code, Salliewalker did. this is his/her "Hold Me" layout, i just altered it. I take no credit for it's awesomeness once so ever. It's Salliewalker's talent, not mine ^^. I only drew teh top picture and that's all teh credit i'll take. Thank you.



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Chris is Smart

Report | 08/27/2010 8:00 pm

Chris is Smart

eyy just posted somethin neat in the art arenas check it out its my first time using paint on my cpu

Report | 07/08/2010 10:10 am


do you remember me?
muffins are emo cupcakes

Report | 06/15/2010 2:09 pm

muffins are emo cupcakes

are you still selling the k.o star?

Report | 04/08/2010 2:29 am


ret could never hate wolftine

Report | 08/29/2009 11:11 pm


I recently had to buy one for my wife since she was borrowing mine with no sign of ever giving it up. >_<;;

Report | 08/29/2009 11:05 pm


I'm not telling you to give up on that, but to put it on hold for a few months - you said you keep giving money away to help others. If you get the evolving item for now, you technically have money put aside that you absolutely can't use. wink

Report | 08/29/2009 10:55 pm


I used to want the white dye, but then I got the Death Whisper - no need for black dye when it has a pose that's exactly the same. xD

Report | 08/29/2009 10:51 pm


Yeah, but I still love her even through all her naggings. smile Is there one item on Gaia that you want more than any other item? Mine's OMG, personally. biggrin

Report | 08/29/2009 10:25 pm


Um, I suggest installing firefox and using its built-in spellchecker. wink Oh, and thank you! Though it is annoying when she makes me go to bed like I'm some child, knowing she's two years younger than me. >_<;;

Report | 08/29/2009 10:19 pm


Well, last Christmas I was going to buy a few things for my girlfriend (now wife) as gifts, but found that everything was super expensive due to the fact that everyone else had the same idea. With that in mind, I slowly started buying those two years' worth of thank you letters in hope of getting a massive profit out of it. wink