Stalkers in my life. Dem Sexy People. c: ♥

l like you too
Lifeless lmagination
Neon Dicks

I hate..
Loud Noises! D:
Bright lights.
Dead animals. ; ~ ;
Whores. Bitches. Mean people.

Yoo! c:
I'm Olivia
Call me Liv, or Livvie for short.
I'm.. really weird. I mean, seriously. xD
I love to be cute (..well, I mean adorable)
[ x ] [ x ] [ x ] [ x ]
Guess my age? Go on! Okay, you probably guessed wrong so I'm 15. <3
I'm taken and truly happy

Uhh, OH! I write a lot.. I mean a lot a lot..
So If I'm ever on meebo and if I don't respond it's probably
(..OBVIOUSLY) because I'm writing.

I have so reallllly cool friends! ;D
Summer (..he's a smexy guy), Nathan ♥, Matt, Ashley,
Cassie~, Kieran, Alex (..1, 2, and, 3 xD ♥) I know too many Alex's e. o, Kenny!
OMG How could I forget Kenny. He's super nice! c: Bwodyyy, oh yes. This man..
LOL, so many things. To say about Bwodyyy.
Kit-Kat, Ryan, Talia, Sam, Jake, Jacob, Elyssa-Micah

Music I like ;D ♥
Get Scared, Snow Whites Poison Bite, Breathe Carolina,
Of Mice And Men, BVB, Falling in Reverse, Escape the Fate, Capture the Crown,
Eye's set to kill, Blood on the dancefloor, The Bunny The Bear,
Asking Alexandria, Modern Day Escape, Crown The Empire,
Suicide Silence, Blessthefall, The Devil Wears Prada, Bullet For my Valentine, Sleeping With Sirens.

I like ♥
Hello Kitty.
Pikachu. c:
Long hair. (..on guys)
Gettin' high off of lotions we find in random stores.
Scary Movies!
Narwhals. c:
Emo / Screamo / Music
Anime. c: <3
Alice In Wonderland. <3333 I am obssessed with it. (The 1951 version) x3
Video games (..depends really) :3

Something I did forget..
My favorite colors are Blue, Green, Purple, Red, and Black

Yess! ♥ I Love Pikachu. c:

I have a tumblr, just ask me for it. ♥ c:

Kenny, Me, and Alex (Number 2) All love owl city. xD

Twinsss <3

Dem Hacks <3

Hey this is Livs' bestie named Jay. I dont remember the first time
i met this beautiful chick but when i first met her
i had a crush on her. She is now my gaia sister an
im proud to say that. Liv can be emotional but thats
one of the things i love about her. If i could choose
one person to live with id choose her because she's
fun, beautiful, and intelligent. ILY GIRL!