I'm an avid gaming 24 year-old straight white man and enjoying all the privilege that comes with it. Though I spend most of my time on gaia when I'm not gaming. The end.

I'm caring less and less about being on here. Add my discord if you wish to keep speaking with me, just let me know who you are first.
Discord: 😎⎝⎝✧D҉S҉k҉r҉e҉e҉t҉™✧⎠⎠😎#0666 Make sure to let me know who you are before adding me.

Currently: Single
A list because I'm lazy.
I don't do introductions when meeting people.
I don't care what you think.
My ego is bulletproof.
I'm British
I'm loyal when committed.
I like to flirt when not.
There are more things I don't care about than I do care about.
Same goes for people.
I stay true to my word.
I get bored easily.

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My Journal, I'll keep whatever I want here, some thing may be set to private, some things may not


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Miku Karsin Report | 01/12/2019 8:00 am
It's good to see you again, Sweetling. heart
Rarian Report | 12/24/2018 10:27 pm
Wannabe p***k. cool
Rarian Report | 12/24/2018 12:59 pm
Rarian Report | 12/23/2018 5:08 pm
Rarian Report | 10/21/2018 3:57 am
I expect nothing less, brat.
Rarian Report | 10/19/2018 8:11 pm
The fact you don't b***h out over some biting is exactly why I don't dislike you, the sarcasm helps of course.

Inflated ego or not I own it, I'm not a good enough person to pass a given victory over if it serves my whims.
Rarian Report | 10/19/2018 3:19 pm
What, and undermine your sense of accomplishment? I'll let you win once in a while, else you won't play with me and my boredom will be worse.
Rarian Report | 10/19/2018 1:36 pm
It is true, I crave a challenge so much I even provoke your ankle biting...
Rarian Report | 10/19/2018 1:35 am
.... Giving up the banter so easily, brat?
Rarian Report | 10/18/2018 5:15 pm
Awe, you do care.
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