I'm an avid gaming 27 year-old degenerate. The end.

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My Journal, I'll keep whatever I want here, some thing may be set to private, some things may not


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Rarian Report | 10/15/2021 5:08 pm
Mind you, I was briefly tempted to give him a little tap to the chin. Just a friendly warning to mind his manners...
Rarian Report | 10/15/2021 5:06 pm
sweatdrop Lia made the threat that if I ended up in the hospital again she'd drive up here just to slap me for it. I've actually gotten a lot better about not brawling... But I'd be lying if I said I didn't miss it. I made some of my best drinking buddies and friends-with-benefits through scuffles, but since I quit drinking on top of everything else I've been bored and restless. Elm suggested I pick up a sport but... That would require people skills.
Rarian Report | 10/14/2021 9:15 pm
I'll try a few and let you know, thank you for the references.

I agree, though it bothers me to admit I may have shut him down too harshly for such a shallow jab. I've a fair bit of pride in my self sufficiency, I've no energy for such weak power play attempts.
Rarian Report | 10/14/2021 4:48 pm
Mmm, I'll look into this list. Pc or console?

A more serious note on the date, is it... I admit I'm better at the sarcastic banter so I'm not quite sure how to explain it. The gentleman was polite, a bit high strung, and quite opinionated. I get along fine with narcissistic personalities, they are fun to harass, but this guy reeked of control tendencies. I paid for the meal, he made a snide joke about how I should let him 'handle it' because he thought I couldn't afford the place he wanted to visit. I tipped the waitress $100, explained I could buy his soul for cheaper if it had any appeal at all, and wished him a good night.
Rarian Report | 10/14/2021 3:52 pm
Solo player, something challenging but with a good story as well. I get bored with platform games and the like as they become predictable and easy.

Flings are certainly more interesting, less personal risk and much more fun, but that has been a bit dull too lately. There is no mental stimulation to it.
Rarian Report | 10/14/2021 3:39 pm
Mayhap I should pick up gaming to ease this tedium...

I went on a date a few nights back. It was a gentle reminder for me as to why I'll likely never settle down.
Rarian Report | 10/13/2021 4:48 pm
Bored, mostly. A little bemused.
Rarian Report | 10/08/2021 1:58 am
This is your check-in Insult~

How goes it, Wanker?
ChaosQueen Report | 09/27/2021 5:37 pm

Do I know you?

Lordess Sparda Report | 09/22/2021 1:18 am
I love your outfit rn! heart