Name: Maaike de Vries (Calling me Maai is fine.)

Date of birth: 05 - 08 - 1992
Starsign: Leo
Bloodtype: Type 0-

Loves: all shades of red, (from the soft coral, almost pinkish red to the deep, dark burgundy red and evereything in between. heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart ) dreaming, creating art with beads and making things look prettier than they are heart . Internet forums (Mainly dutch fantasy internet forums)
Having fun and ice cream. mrgreen

Hates: Mathematics, evereything with calculating, hous chores, gonk (Cleaning our bathroom. yuk) still living with my parents and having no job. sweatdrop - I feel like such a loser.-

Dreams that can't come true gonk and not having a prince charming

Right, If there is something else you want to know about me... please ask. 3nodding I'm not rude, but I can be a little grumpy at times so it may seem like I'm a huge b***h at those times. sweatdrop

With lots of love, ~ Maaike. heart


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Your avatar is adorable.