gaia_nitemareleft Well it looks like I'm back! I've been gone gaia for a while, resulting in my loss of my gaia friends (I've deleted them because I have lost touch or they are no longer active). I enjoy wirting, art, and spending time rping in Barton Town. If I can assit you with writing, art, you'd like members for a good (ORIGINAL!) rp, or you would like to become my new gaian friend, please do contact me! I am a social person who has lost her social connections on this cursed site! gaia_nitemareright


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Hi, sry I know I messaged you last year but I was wondering if you'd like to rp? =]

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Hi, I was wondering if you’d like to rp? =]
going out with a BANG

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going out with a BANG

Of course~
I understand. c:

Kanjii & Dissendium.
Kanjii's being particularly slow as of current. We're only on the sixth page, too, so it's alright. Dissendium is being slow, as well. But that's because most of the roleplayers are on hiatus.
going out with a BANG

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going out with a BANG

Ufufufufu~ 4laugh
You're a roleplayer like moi? c:
If you want, I have a thread open
that you can join.

For me; it's an anime-imaged roleplay; semi-literate; rivalry between two schools.
For my friend; it's a Harry Potter roleplay that literate.
They're both nice. I don't know what you're into, so I'll just put those out there if you'd like. redface