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.Welcome To My Very Plain and Boring Profile.

Merry Meet,
My Name is Raven.
You can call me Ravie though ^_^.
I don't have too much to say about myself
but here are some things:
I love to do pixels, create layouts, do drawings, play guitar, and sing.
I am a big anime and cosplay person.
(I love to get all dress up) lol.
I am a proud supporter of The Special Olympics.
I love creepypasta and horror movies!
I am a zombie fanatic *o*
I am not new here I originally joinned back in 2003. ( go-gaia )
But due to hackers -_- I created a new account
and since then I been wanting to help others avoid that happening to them...
Even though I am not an admin if you need help adjusting to the site or simply want to gain friends ...
-message me- and -add me-.
and ohhh if you want to know more about me feel free to talk to me. smile -muah- <3


Like I said in the "About Me" section:

I am not a admin or mod, just a regular gaian member...
but it doesn't mean I can't help out with tips to keep you safe.


*Here are some helpful tips on how to stay safe:*

1: Have a password that has capitol letters, lower case letters, and numbers. 1337 passwords work really well.

2: Routinely scan your computer for viruses, spyware, ad-ware, malware, and keyloggers! I suggest using Avast! Anti-virus and Spybot 2.0 Search and Destroy. (BEWARE!: When finding Spybot make sure it is the real one, there are fakes out there that will harm your computer)

3: Make sure to keep updated on the latest scams. Don't click on anything that looks like a scam. If you do and find yourself mysteriously logged out then STOP, LOG OFF, RUN SCANS FOR EVERYTHING, GO BACK ON, CONTACT MODERATOR TO HOLD YOUR TRADES, AND DOUBLE CHECK EVERYTHING!!! Then change passwords and tell the moderator that disabled your trades to turn it back on.

4: DON'T EVER TRUST ANYONE THAT ASK FOR YOUR PASSWORD!! No moderator or administrator will ever ever EVER ask for your password.

How to Report (on anything):

1: Take screen shots

2: Fill out the right form

3: Tell in DETAIL what happened


5: RECORD ALL AND ANY EVIDENCE, REPORT NUMBERS, AND EVERYTHING YOU WROTE IN THE REPORT!! (suggest keeping all the recorded reports you do in a journal entry)

6: If you filed a hacking report, THEN WAIT. It takes 2-3 months to process due to backlog in the reports.


The Differences:

Gaiaonline's staff does different things.
This is specifically what each person does:

Administrators Leaders of the Community and Moderator teams. They are responsible primarily for high-level administrative tasks, billing issues, and overseeing Gaia moderation staff.

Omni Moderators Responsible primarily for account issues, hacking and scamming cases, as well as special projects related to account security, site safety and moderator training.

Global Moderators Responsible for Abuse and Harassment cases, as well as help oversee Terms of Service violations across the entire site. Global Moderators may have other special functions that are specific to a particular role.

Site ModeratorsResponsible for specific forums on the site, as listed above, handle Terms of Service Violations and thread move requests. These moderators also cover Gaia games, chat rooms, towns, and other features of Gaia.

Moderator Assistants Responsible for thread moves only in specific forums they are assigned to Moderator Assistants DO NOT assist users with Terms of Service violations.

Non-Player Characters A Non-Player Character (example: [NPC] Rina) is an account that is used on Gaia to speak to the public about important and fun topics (like quests and newsletters). Any persons posting with these accounts are Gaia staff but will not be helping you with Terms of Service violations please contact Gaia Moderators and Administrators for assistance.

Artists, Developers and other staff There are many other people who work hard to make Gaia awesome by creating new features and new art, items and much more for you every day! These people have brown names and may post around the site but will not be able to help with Terms of Service violations please contact Gaia Moderators and Administrators for assistance.


Contacting A Moderator:

When contacting a moderator remember this:

1. Pm the correct moderator for the situation you are in
2. When finding a moderator you may find that they are all offline, this may not be the case. Most keep their status turned off to keep from being bombarded with pms.
3. Label your PMs with a simple title ex. "I was hacked"..."User Abuse"..etc.
4. Pm a moderator only ONCE! If they do not reply to you within the hour delete the pm (via outbox) and try another one. To see if the moderator got your pm look in your sent box.
5. Make sure to include links and pictures and details.
6. After everything is said and done whether it is good or bad say thank you. Moderators do alot and should get appreciation for it.


Hopefully everything here helps you to make your stay at gaiaonline enjoyable
*Have a pleasent day and enjoy your stay*
❤ -Blessed be, Miss Raven- ❤

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*will add more later*



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Thanks for buying love!
Enjoy and have a good rest of your day!! heart

Report | 03/20/2018 1:49 pm


You're too sweet, thank you so much!

I'm glad that you're enjoying the stream, I hope that you continue to have fun with me whenever you can join. As long as you're all still willing to have me, I hope to continue streaming for you all

Report | 03/20/2018 1:34 pm



You draw Isao way better than I ever could this is so amazing thank you so much!

Report | 03/16/2018 3:51 pm


Hi there, very cool profile xd welcome to AMG biggrin

Report | 03/11/2018 2:39 pm


Thank you for your purchase! smile

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heya happy holidays c:
OC Acount

Report | 10/09/2017 5:18 am


you look so cute
Ten Gallon Horny Bug

Report | 10/08/2017 8:22 am

Ten Gallon Horny Bug

Hey. Thanks for shopping at my store.

Report | 10/06/2017 10:54 am


I think this thread might help with your mint/magenta mod list needs. smile http://www.gaiaonline.com/forum/gaia-guides-and-resources/mods-for-all-skins/t.102582245/


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- 2003 Go-Gaia Member -
°°° I do art on my spare time ~ if interested ~ Inbox me °°°
If you got any sdplus dolls you don't want?
Send them my way and I'll love you forever!