Just to start things off, let me say it before you think it -- I was never really good with introductions. At least, I don't think I am. So if I bore you guys midway, of if you've already changed the page ... yeah, sorry 'bout that. I'd say I'm pretty interesting, but I suuuuuck at intros. Like, it's not even funny. Some people can just, start this awesome conversation with just about anyone right away. They don't even need to introduce themselves, and suddenly, because of that conversation you feel like you've known them since forever. ... I'm not one of those people. When I start really talking to someone I can talk for hours, but rewind a bit back, when I have to introduce myself. It'd go, "Uh ... hi, I'm Trish" and that'd be it for awhile. xD I get distracted alot. If I've got easy access to food, music, IM-ing, and the likes, I might leave you hanging. It takes me days to reply to wall posts on facebook, even when the person might've just said, "Heeeey, how's it goin'?" and sometimes I might have to ask you to repeat something at least twice. If a really cute guy happens to randomly walk by when I'm talking to you, I might ... space out for a bit. Just so you know.

But yeah, that being said, if there isn't any food, music, boys, etc, sitting around, I'm actually a pretty dedicated listener. If you've got a problem or just feeling like venting in terms to just aboy anything, I'll be there. I'll give out decent advice when you need it, and I've given quite a few hugs over the years. Maybe I can't do that on here, since we're on the internet and all, but feel free to send me a PM, comment, or something. And I might be able to cheer you up. <3

Basic info ... uh ... well, I'm a tiny Filipina thing who now lives near Toronto, Canada. Everyone says I look mixed, mestiza, whatever you wanna call it; half-Pinay and half something else. Some have claimed that I look Chinese, Spanish, and a few other things, but I'm seriously full Flip. No matter what people say ... =P I love music, track and field meets, basketball games, pick-up lines, and a few others, but above everything -- God (I'm a Christian / Catholic, but I won't shove it down your throats, if that's what you're wondering. But I can be a little touchy on that subject), my family who was always there to support me, and my friends, who I mean the world to me. Oh, and a few awesome people I've met on the site. The bunch of us make up this weird, messed-up family together. xD

You'll can find me in a couple awesome roleplays (I'm sorta new to this, but I am a literate - adv. lit rp-er), where I've met my [weird, messed-up family <3]. Or my shop, where I chill with a few of my IRL family-friends, which you will find here:

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Want to get to know me better? Leave me a comment ( L )

- Trish


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{ straight from the diaries of your biggest fan biggrin <3

But why would you wanna bother hearing about THAT?



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sorry bout the late reply OTL....
meh i've been better : s'
i'm just chillin', and respecting the time that I have before school gets all (!Q#& wink (&@_*_! D:
my tablet pen isn't being detected, which sucks ;_;
oh well, i guess its back to the mouse art days....

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hope it was everything you wanted it to be!
xx sunshine d u s t

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xx sunshine d u s t

Oh you're too lucky! The most I've had within the past few days that's been noticeable was some Chinese food. That's it sad
And no problem!


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Happy Birthday!

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happy birthday bbytrish!

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ah totally agreez c";
so how has summar been? <33
opening a new art shop? joining a joint one? you should, y'know surprised
R a i i n b o w s

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R a i i n b o w s

Happy happy BIRTHDAY Trisha! have a good one <3
xx sunshine d u s t

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xx sunshine d u s t

Aw, and here I was thinking I'd possibly be the first person on Gaia to wish you a happy __ birthday! Well, second in line is always good, right? Either way, hope this year is full of cheers and Filipino food!

Anyways, how're you?

P.S. YOU LOST THE GAME<highlight
ii C o o k i i e s

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ii C o o k i i e s

You welcome. 8D
And that's fine. <3
ii C o o k i i e s

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ii C o o k i i e s

Happy [early] birthday <3


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ps, you lost the game .