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Um...A description? Um...okay...well I'll be putting mostly my art in here. Loading my profile takes to long for some computers I'm sure.

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Hmm...where to start.... My name is Marquis. I took a test and found out my personality type is an INTP. This means I'm not the most social person in the world unless we are discussing somethings I'm particularly interested in.

I excel in animation, illustrating, and writing. I'm also a character concept designer and i like to do other artsy things lol. I like to help up and coming artist so i like teaching as well. I'm more on the quiet side and i don't really talk much... but on the flip side I'm very open and curious... I like to draw. I love working with vectors so i prefer programs like Flash but I'm quite familiar with other software. Recently I've been working with Paint tool Sai and Photoshop.

Feel free to scan my profile for some of my past request. #1 being the oldest and the highest number being the most recent picture I've done. Don't judge me based on old work. lol none of it is drawn all that seriously anyway hence the low price point. I have some of my newest work in the front but most of it is all the way to the right. I have no limits and will take any request.

To stay on Gaia check me out in the Art Arena.

*yawns* neutral Typical Avi Art Pricing and Details

Single avi

free - 20k no background full body (typical request) (DEFAULT)
free - 10k no background just upper body
5k for a bust (head and shoulders)

half price to free with simple outfitted avatars( will let you know or just ask)
full price or more(rarely) if it's a pretty detailed avatar


40k no background full body
20k no background just upper body

half price to simple outfitted avatars

All around factors
free - single color background or tranparent
1.5x - design background border
2x - cost with background
3x - with complex background
4x - My best with this style(still debating) may take an unknown amount of time

You may request these things if you like as they do not effect cost at all. By default I'll go with a more realistic style similar to deathnote.

Proportion style
this is referring to and can range anywhere from being the realistic build 7.5 head model(default) or the 3 head chibi model. (ask me for a reference if you uncertain

Face design: Anime(bigger eyes) or more realistic like "Death Note"(default)

You have a say in what you want via pose or style. I personally recommend using pictures to help express what you want.

Price varies slightly depending on what you want but if you can think of anything that's okay. I'll just go with my instincts.

Usually take me less than a week or two depending on life and complexity/difficulty of the request.

Current time factors:Last sementer of college

Oh and I do take avi request and usually don't charge anything 3nodding
And I love forward to request so please don't hesitate to ask.

Leave a comment or pm. I should reply quickly enough.

Some Inspirations and my goals:
Disgaea concepts and style
Final Fantasy (you know what final fantasy stuff looks like)design concept art
Blazblue character design and pretty much everything else
Guilty Gear character design
Ar Tonelicoentire series for the music and design
Adam Phillips
Shunya Yamash*ta
Oh! Great(particularly Air Gear manga) for his artwork
Flyff character design
Fire Emblem(s) character design
games with a large cast of characters
unprofessional artist
most things NISAmerica puts out
Sawasawa (the artist)
and worship everything Hyung-Tae Kim does.

Oh, and if you would like to see them in full quality I recommend to full screen it at Imageshack or on DeviantArt.


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Neo_Queen_Serenity21 Report | 03/11/2016 9:42 pm
Hi message me whenever u get back on u don't have fb no more boooo crying
Rocker Virus Report | 12/11/2015 1:06 am
Rocker Virus
Nice to see you're back 3nodding
Neo_Queen_Serenity21 Report | 08/25/2014 1:06 pm
Neo_Queen_Serenity21 Report | 05/20/2014 8:04 pm
So Many Selfies Report | 10/03/2013 9:01 am
So Many Selfies
kay ^^ dont worry x3
da0p Report | 09/30/2013 9:22 pm
the irony in that sentence is so true though.
i guess you can say, I have lived lol
Kallen-chan Report | 09/30/2013 8:38 am
I just turned 22 xD been out of college for 2 years now.

Im tired... Having a really bad case of heartburn that wont go away.
So Many Selfies Report | 09/23/2013 7:10 am
So Many Selfies
um shes so serious and nasty with stranger people shecan be nice sometimes in weird momments .3. if u wanna do a little comedy in herface u are free to do it

Kallen-chan Report | 09/21/2013 3:50 pm
Ha! Good luck with trying to kick my butt. It's harder then it sounds lol.

And I am serious. Besides working, I haven't been doing anything significant. Just chilling at home.
So Many Selfies Report | 09/20/2013 8:01 pm
So Many Selfies
Lol xD well u can draw my avi or this character...but shes not belong to gaia.. just my original character for deviantart
Here is she

Zombi Pop
Dezi Bunny

avi art with no outlines :p

more avi art i drew ^-^ (Avi Art #2)

my first time at drawing avi art (Avi Art #1)

drawing avi art with no lines is my fav style (avi Art #3)

This is the mascot of my story. I like to call him Bitoku.

Hey, i gotta draw my sometime. (Avi Art #5)

Avi art for a Kingdom Hearts fan. I planned on putting Sora in it but i got lazy. lol (no line of course)(avi Art #4)

Vector Avi art I've done are to the right. NEVER DONE IN PHOTOSHOP. They're old and rushed but they're...there. (Avi Art #7)

Avi art for my cousin. This one actually looked better with lines. She was very specific in what she wanted which I think helped with results. (Avi Art #8)

This one...came out more cluttered than I prefer... (Avi Art #9)

Dedicated to a buddeh. Its to bad most people will only see half the work that actually went into making it. (Avi Art #6)

Yet another picture I drew in class out of boredom.

School has provided a lack of time so I had to rush this one...sorry. >.< (Avi Art #10)

My first chibi! I hope I did it right. X3 (Avi Art #11)

I chose this avatar in reference to the upcoming season among other things. This picture was mentally challenging though and the first time I've ever drawn a toe ._. lol (Avi Art #12)

I must say lol this one was a tedious and mostly I'm satisfied of it. It's my most realistic vector yet.Can you tell I'm getting better?(Avi Art #14)

At first i wasn't very happy with this one and the long hair just wasn't working for me but the more i refined it the more i liked it. (Avi Art #15)

Most detailed and expensive avatar art yet. My second picture with two avatars and it took so long to color too lol.(Avi Art #16)

OMG another rushed on ._. Didn't come out the way i wanted but for a vector it's pretty real, especially the hair and eyes. Eyes are my fav part so i usually put a ton of detail in them.(Avi Art #17)

I think this is called a...portrait? Anyways, this was the first pic I edited in Photoshop and by edit i mean move eyeball lol. Turned out ok. I was uncertain with the eye style but they work. (Avi Art #18)

Check it out! I figured out how to take out the background. ^-^ Anyways...this picture was more stylize than the others and it's my first art trade. It was also a created character or the customer. Hmmm... (Art Trade #1) (Original #1)

So awesome! she drew me! X3 I luff it. Thanks buddeh. Just as i said i put it up your awesomeness up on meh profile. If you like her style like me I click that avi so she'll draw you with her skillz! ^_^

Both of these masterpieces are drawn by the same girl from "art trade #1." I luff her for life too lol. Thanks so much for the art buddeh ^_^ Definitely cute. Like her style? Bettah click her avi before shez full.

If I complemented your avi I, most-likely, have an interest in drawing it out of my own personal artistic interest.

Um...this one definitely has more expression in the face then i usually do and has more of an edge. I did the close up shot just so you could see a little more of the detail that goes into it. (Avi Art #19)

Um, this one was actually just a gradient test and I was working with anatomy precision. I kinda messed up a couple places but it wasn't meant to be perfect. (Avi Art #20)

Omg it's the next vector drawing of me!!! :3 (Avi Art #13)

Failed attempt at drawing my avi :/ I didn't even color it :/Can't draw at the moment. (avi art n/a)

Still going through the "I can't draw phase" I managed to produce another custom request of a more casual girl. (Original Art #2)

This one I finished pretty fast actually. I pot most of my anatomy reasearch into this one.After I finished coloring it I switched it over to photoshop and started messing with the blur tool. I'm pretty pleased with the way it came out. I keep getting the same hair styles in my request lol and I'm running out of ways to keep them different. (Avi Art #21)

Not much to say about this one. It came out pretty much exactly the way I wanted it to. I drew this and after i colored it i blended all the colors together pushing the blur, smudge, and healing brush tool to their limits. Never again...for now anyway.(Avi Art #22)

Alright so this is a pic was done entirely in photoshop. Yes, I still dislike photoshop but this was more like a test. It came out "okay" at best considering I rushed through it all day. Technically the picture still isn't finished but it was done enough to show off. Noticed a lot of skepticism over the clouds, I wish i had a way to show you guys how i drew it. There's a special brush I made that's good for clouds. >.<(Avi Art #23)

Alright so the scythe was a combination of the bone scythe and it was inspired by Spirit from "Soul Eater". A rather interesting request. (Avi Art #24)

This is...well a page form a simple full color comic I did for a class. The work I showed them from my avi art they liked alot because is was "bright and colorful" and it was "different". So that's why it's the same style I use here. Well I just felt like sharing this with you. And yes, I took out most of the text cuz it wasn't necessary. Posted: 5/12/2011

This vector is a test or result of most of my most recent techniques I've been thinking about. Surprising it came out well. 5/23/2011 Avi Art #25 the result of boredom. What it is is kind of like a brief description of the process I used draw draw and picture for Gaia with this vector style. Your not expected to read it. It there for people who have nothing else better to do with their time.

Wow a full year since i put something on my profile. This is an profile shot of my avatar. It wasn't a serious avi drawing. It was a quick stylized sketch. The color took a while even though it was rushed it real quick but I'm okay with it. As you can see I color the outlines now.Check out that diamond on the handle of the sword. That took forever lol. 8/11/2012 Avi Art#26

Alright another couples request. It's been a while since I did one. Decide not to mess with water and not look at any anatomy. I'm over all pleased with it. 9/18/2012 Avi art #27

I haven't turned done a request yet.

My purpose is clear. I wasn't put here to judge, only to draw.

I'm very laid back. don't be shy. *yawns*

This is my last avi art before i switch to some new software so I may be MIA for a while. Going to try some software that's a little more powerful. I took a little heat for this one from my uncomfortable pose and incomplete look. To be honest I was far more concerned with the background but the crit was legit so I can only learn from it. Thanks for all the feed back guys! 9/28/2012 Avi art #28

Here was a simple and fun request. Make a character who's gender may be questioned at first. I think it came out pretty good. 6/29/2013 Avi Art #30

So this was my first time working with Sai. it was fun and tricky but i think i got it for the most part. 2/12/2013 Avi Art #29