And here we have the optimist, nearly the last of its kind: scrounging about in the darkness, making food of scraps of light..
"If you want to work on your art, work on your life" -Chekhov

Is it actually possible to be a cynical optimist?

God, wait, I'm supposed to type something about me here. I always get idea's for this but as soon as I go to my about me section I forget, so why the hell am I typing? Because I'm sick of forgetting. Forget it, I'm winging it.

Oh yeah. I'm a GIRL. That means yes! I am a girl that likes to play video games. A lot of video games. There's a list further on.

Honestly, I don't understand my own gender. Why not say whats on your mind? Why do they beat around the bush? Why do they act like they aren't sad or upset when they obviously are? Why do they wish when talking to guys that the guy would just guess already, or say what they want, when obviously the guy isn't cause HE CAN'T FREAKING READ YOUR MIND. Then get mad at him for it. What the hell?

And COME ON! A new video game, or a session of pwning, is important! It really is. Pride and dignity is on the line, do you really want your guy to be in a bad mood because you got upset that he wouldn't call/text/talk right away? Its so bad, my friends get upset with me like we're in some kind of relationship when I do it to them.

I swear to God, I am far from my own gender. As I am, physically, far from guys. Insensitive, blunt, rude, sarcastic, cynical, jumpy, video-game playing, pixie stick in hair wearing, gun-shooting girl. Yep, guns as well. 375' sucker.

No, I'm not British but I frequently talk in a british accent. Happens all the time. They meet me, think its cool, once they know me, they laugh at the ones meeting me.

I've got a big thing on coffee. Its my life, my soul is basically constructed of 4 things. Video games, coffee, hats, and writing. At school, I have to stop a get a cup of coffee. At lunch, I have to go get a cup of coffee. There will always be a cup of coffee perfectly attached to my hand. All agree, I am the easiest person to gift at any present giving holiday. A bag of coffee is wicked amazing. I'll eat the coffee beans, straight up.

Sugar creamer in coffee, not legit. Its no longer coffee. Neither are those frou frou frap's and crap.

I love video games. Halo, (Majorly excited for Reach, so excited that when its months already out, I'm going to leave this saying that I'm excited for it) COD, Modern Warfare, Mafia 2, Just Cause, Mario, you name it. I probably like to play it. Computer games as well. Diablo, Age of Empires. I'm just now experiencing Star Craft.

Clothes shopping is boring.
I hate the color pink.
I hate it chick-motionals. Thats when a chick gets really emotional over nothing, it wouldn't bug me so much, if they didn't drag me to the side and whine to me about the nothing subject for hours on end.
I don't CARE.

I can't, and don't, get depressed. Its impossible for me, and I don't understand why people do. Especially when I've been through a lot...a lot.

Okay, I'm done. I want some coffee.


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Life of a misunderstood coffee-loving Neko

whats a journal header? O_O

Well, I'm misunderstood, I love coffee, and I'm a neko...that about sums it up! ^ - ^


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Red Red Rouge

Report | 10/23/2011 8:07 pm

Red Red Rouge

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Red Red Rouge

Report | 11/02/2010 7:10 pm

Red Red Rouge

Dude, update your journals when you get the chance. Paige is finally at a green heart. |D b
Red Red Rouge

Report | 10/11/2010 8:44 pm

Red Red Rouge

THAT'S SO COOL. OMG. We used to have this place a 2 hr drive away that had awesome snow, but the icicles were only like, 3 ft long max. D8
Speaking of which, I miss eating icicles. All the adults were so a**l when you tried to attack them with them. D|

LOL. Yea. Just find a random person there, throw words at them and ask them to tell you whether or not they can find sexual innuendos. xD

xDDDDD Yayayayayyyyyyyyy! Yea, somethings bound to unfold with Fleur there and all. Leon's already getting pissed off at Paige. I can't wait till he freaks out. Muahahahaa. *already plotting things* ... It's probably gonna end up getting reaaaallly awkward around there. xD

LYRICS OMG. True dat. I only remember like, 3 words out of the entire song. It's especially horrible when everyone knows a song BUT you. I remember when I didn't know 'Don't Stop Believing'. It was a horrible time for me. D:
But yea. *cough* I'm alright at remembering my ideas. xD;;

Haha. That's about what I got last year. But if you're not trying, that's not at all bad. You, Kin, are not a stupid person. 8D b
I'm on an intense school program this year though, so it's really different now. You're graded from 1's-7's and I managed to get a 2 on one of the courses on my mid term report card. =A=;;

I hate Gaia smileys. D8<
Red Red Rouge

Report | 10/11/2010 6:11 pm

Red Red Rouge

THAT'S SO COOL. The max I can ever remember getting is like 2-3 ft of snow. The seasons are never intense here. D:

... Oh. Damn. I missed that. Scratch safety pin. I think floor-tile is a safe word.

IKNOWRIGHT. Mimi helped me out though. She enjoys the awkwardness as much as we do. xD
CAN'T WAIT TO GET PAIGE BACK IN ON THINGS. And then there's gonna be that awkwardness about them just having kissed and all. I'm sensing some intense romance drama at the blacksmith sometime in the near future. xD

Oh. They ordered the rings in the morning and they came back two hours later, thinking they'd be ready by then. ' 3 '

Holy crap. Me two. I can spend hours up, just thinking about all the scenarios that could happen. It's awesome you write them down though. I just kind of keep them at the back of my mind until I can actually use them. xD
Well like, if you get good marks without really trying, that's pretty bad a**.
Red Red Rouge

Report | 10/10/2010 8:07 pm

Red Red Rouge

Ehm. Last December I think. But it wasn't very much, Like 2 inches. The year before that was really intense though. You live in Alaska, right? Is the snow there as intense as they show it in movies? D:

Glue=white and sticky. Just saying. xD
However, I believe safety-pin is a safe word.

Explanation: Earlier in the morning, Fleur bit her lip until it bled because she was feeling conflicted about making a friend. Leon helped her out via mega spaz. Blah blah blah. Omg then she kissed him on the cheek and he spazzed again. Uhm. Then Akane came in and was dissapointed Leo had another girl in his life (or something like that). Blahh blaaahhh. Then he brought up Fleur's hurt lip, and poorly explained how she'd got it which led to a giant misunderstanding (AKA, Akane thinking they'd had a super intense makeout session), which in turn, made her pissed off and storm out. He almost spazzed Now they're holding hands and busy trying to find her. 8D b

LOL, CONFUSED PAIGE=WIN. I don't know how long it's gonna be before Fleur and Leo get back to the shop though. I'll try to get them back soon. >.>
Or you could bring her to them. They're not too far away from the shop. :0
Mind you, Lucia and Jet are in the shop atm.

Who needs to study for epic/cute moments? It's one of those things that comes naturally. xD
Omg. Does that mean you hold yourself back from over acheiving? Dude, that's bad a**.
Red Red Rouge

Report | 10/10/2010 6:14 pm

Red Red Rouge

We barely get snow here. D: Two months is a pretty long time though, yah.
There can be a TWSS moment in just about anything, brah.
OHMAIGAD I KNOW. I long to scheme with you. I mean like, something interesting's probably gonna' happen at the blacksmiths soon. I don't know what it's gonna be (cause I haven't plotted it with you omg) but something's gonna happen soon. It's been dramatic round there. D:
THAT'S THE SPIRIT. I am expecting RESULTS from you, Kin. I just can't wait to see how all these things turn out. But I'm sure... CHURCH SHALL PREVAIL. >8D 9 *battle cry*
Red Red Rouge

Report | 10/10/2010 2:17 pm

Red Red Rouge

Winter break... ONLY 2 MONTHS AWAY. TuT
NO. DON'T LAVE ME. DDD: I get so into things with you. (TWSS)
OH MY GOD I LAUGHED SO HARD AFTER YOU SAID THAT cause I sort of might agree.... xDDD
It sucks you're so busy, cause I think she's really trying to go for it. CHURCH HAD BETTER DO SOMETHING EPICLY AMAZING/CUTE SOON. D8
Red Red Rouge

Report | 10/10/2010 11:17 am

Red Red Rouge

BLAGHHHH. Effing school. Let me tell you, I'm looking forward to winter vacation. ==;;
I'm well I guess. Life isn't especially thrilling. The thread's doing okay too. It's going pretty slow and like, 5 people have dropped out, but it's still going.
Oh and I almost forgot. *GLOMPS THE VERY LIFE OUT OF YOU* D8
Red Red Rouge

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