~Kiku Shall Be~

The Tooth Fairy, Obsessive compulsive, a eleventh grader, a tennis ball, Female, obnoxious, Disliked, Loved, fokken white!(can't believe I just said that) annoying, Stubborn, not very forgiving, talkative, atheist, Self conscious, Me, Myself, and I.

~Kiku Rocks out to~

A.F.I., An Cafe, System of a Down, The Used, Avenged Sevenfold, Daft Punk, HIM, My Chemical Romance, McFly, Blink 182, Iron Maiden, Megadeth, Drowning Pool, Bad Luck, Nittle Grasper, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, No Doubt, Wednesday 13, Motley Crüe, Classical( Of course!), Piano(generally)...and much much more!!! That I'm to lazy to type up =]

~Kiku's collected Anime~

Personally I have watched to many anime and have read to many manga to count or even list without taking hours in order to do so, I've decided to let you use your wonderful imagination to come to the conclusion of what anime and manga that I have watched/read.

~Kiku Dislikes~

People who Label, Being poor D=, spamming, short shorts, Bush, Mi pappa!, School, Exams, Work

~Kiku Enjoys~

The Tooth Fairy, Swearing, Energy Drinks, Mountain Dew, Winterfresh, Art, Stuffed animals! Drawing, Black, Computers, Eyes, Blood, Contacts, Redness, Dragons, Pirates <3, Fanfic's, Fire, Flame, Cherries!!!, Yoai <3, The UK, Blue, Iceskating, Music, Halloween, Purple, Japan, Anything and Everything in Japan, Shiny Lights, Ramune Soda <3, Pocky, Downpours, Birds, Ramune, Writing, Reading, Ribbons, Bows, Piercings, Tatoos, Eyeliner<3, Saftey pins, Stars, Your Of course, The moon, Rings, Shoes <3, Vampires, Ninja, Skateboards, Skateboarders, Water, Watermelon.

~Kiku's Collected Quotes~

"When a caged bird grows wise, it tries to open it's cage with it's beak. It never gives up, because it wants to fly again." ~Neji/Naruto

"Haim flad fai beft if in fai fophet." - Luffy/One Piece

~Kiku is addicted to~

Myspace- Not in existence
FaceBook- Under my name =D
Audition- Look up Tari (Just started) xD
MapleStory- Look up Kikure, Medaline, or Ariole
Cosplay- Not up, but soon =D
Livejournal- ...meh i forgot the password xD


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I cant log on to sesshorumaru

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sending comments to your self again ali? tisk tisk tisk what ever will we do with you?!?!?!?

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Happy Valentines day! <3

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im expectin' a v days gift twisted ill get you one too

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just get rid of the stuped misspelled comments baka,

~your demonic sister


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Im haveing a hard time finding a new altfit, considdering how you stole myne

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