About me..? Well, I suppose it really just depends on which rumor you're choosing to follow now. Why else would you read about me, rather than talk to me?

I am a seventeen year old, 5'6-1/2" , slim, slightly athletic, Aquarius. I am a Rooster and Dog by the Chinese, and a Rowan by the Celtic. I am going to be a Mother this summer, to Belle Aurora McCune.


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Kech's safe place.

Hi.....I'm Alysha.



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Turing Tech Geek

Report | 05/21/2011 8:19 am

Turing Tech Geek

Well thank you very much, I am glad you like it and I am glad to hear your tips and explanations on what I could do to make it better.
Turing Tech Geek

Report | 05/20/2011 4:47 pm

Turing Tech Geek

Thank you very much for your advice and comment on my photograph Walking by Water. I have not a clue as to what you are or were talking about with the shutter and that kind of thing. I shall have to look into what each of them does and what each of them are.
Toekiyo Wolfwood

Report | 01/17/2011 9:39 pm

Toekiyo Wolfwood


Report | 03/14/2010 11:23 am


Thanks for the purchase! =]
Allergic to Depression

Report | 03/07/2010 12:22 am

Allergic to Depression

If you like this Copy and paste to 4 other profiles then press f5 and get 500,000gg
Mileena Chardonnay

Report | 02/24/2010 9:38 am

Mileena Chardonnay

Emotionally distraught, as usual.
Mileena Chardonnay

Report | 02/23/2010 9:05 pm

Mileena Chardonnay

I miss you.

Report | 02/13/2010 4:20 pm


...I'm not cute...so I don't need the aww...lol

Report | 02/13/2010 4:13 pm


yes it will. I plan on asking her out then. ^.^

Report | 02/13/2010 10:26 am


yes. I am supposed to be hanging out with that same girl sunday. ^.^


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