..//Who am I?//

Name? Namare Rika.
Height? 5' 2"
Weight? 115lbs
Eye color? Dark, dark brown
Nationality? Nihongo.
Interests? Anime, drawing, reading, music.
Heroes? Christ Jesus, Arakawa Hiromu, and Kirby! =^^=
Anime? Hagane no Renkinjutsushi or Inuyasha
Animators? Miyazaki Haiyo, Takahata Isao, and Nomura Tetsuya
Movie? Gentlemen Prefer Blondes
Color? Pearl blue
Manga? Elemental Gelade
Anime Pairings? Rosette and Chrno, Ed and Roze, Cou and Ren, Rowen and Viro, and Rowen and Cisqua
Musician? Joe Hisaishi
Friends? Ikamaru, Marche777, Aru_Kun, xXGraceful_InsanityXx, and Crnobog

I write, draw, and imagine. Nothing can take that away from me.

I believe in Jesus Christ, son of the living God. Nothing can destroy that.

If I die today:

Chibi Aru Kun! Aru-chan, you're the best. We met over Neopets a long time ago, and we still roleplay the same characters! All the PMs we've had... all the laughs and sweet moments... I think it's funny. But you are the best person to roleplay FMA with. So much stuff that does not line up with the movies, and we still have a good time! I love Al, by the way- he's so cute. Kimi wo ai shiteru, Aru-chan.

Marche777! Marche-kun. You and I have a strange relationship, yes? I first got to know you through Arashi, and you and I roleplayed there for the longest time. You're a great person, very literate, and you have great ideas. You've always been respectful- like when you cleaned up your character Marcus so much for me. You know me so well, and I have always appreciated that. You lift me up when I am feeling down, are honest with me, and compliment me even when I don't believe it sometimes. You're not allowed to bash yourself! That is an order. If I died, one of the people I would miss the most would be you. If I knew you in real life, my life would be blessed. Thank you so much, Marche.

Crnobog! I still don't know if I should call you Crno-sama or Crno-san. You have always been my superior in Arashi no Rosuto, but were always kinder to me than some of the other members. You included me rather than ignoring me like so many other roleplayers. I truly appreciate your friendship. Thank you for being who you are. And I miss you! Return to Gaia soon, Crno-onii-chan!


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Fukai Mori

Shinjitsu. Soragoto. Issai riaru, datte kesshite ossharu. Watashi torai tsuku.


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ALLO! Remember me? We tried to make a joint art shop lol. I just thought I'd drop by and say hello, btw, I adore your profile layout!

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Oops, almost forgot. My yahoo ID is Crnobog_Rising

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Hey Riku-chan. Got a question for you. Any chance you could get one yahoo IM? You dont even need to download it, they got an in browser im. Anyway its about somethhng major in the guild i want you to be a part of.

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It's been a while, hasn't it? Just wanted to day hello...

Report | 12/19/2008 7:15 pm


Lol Okay so I know its two days late but...


Sammi Saurus -enigma-

Report | 10/23/2008 6:22 pm

Sammi Saurus -enigma-

No Problem Doll face ^.^

Awesome Profile!

I, too, love the movie Howl's Moving Castle.

It is awesome!

and so is Princess Mononoke


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Hello. I'm a random commenter.

Hope I don't cause too much of a problem. ^-^

I glomp.

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Ah... yes, I suppose that's true. *nod head, look intelligent, trying to hide the fact that I had to look it up*

And thank you. I'm rather proud of it; I believe it meshes together quite nicely. Still, I'm never quite sure until other people agree, so... thank you!

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Hmm... I haven't commented here yet, have I?

How's it going? I like the new layout... nice work on the miko avatar, too.


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