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Unreal Faust

Report | 03/30/2023 9:37 pm

Unreal Faust

Hey, idk if you remember me, but this is Faust-chan/Chelsea/annoying girl from middle and high school lol. I somehow uncovered my mule account but I can't seem to unlock my main one. Actually, I rejoined in about 2015 with a different account and I still use that! I was just wanting to look at all my cringy memories now that I'm 30 and marginally less insane. I doubt you'll ever uncover this account and see this, but if you do, I'd love to know that you're still alive and all that! I'm such a completely different person than I was back then, and prior to then, it's wild. I'm assuming you're different, too! Anyway, see ya! I'll be using this account as a mule for my new main. Though I wish I could uncover my old one to see if anything rare is on it lol!

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