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can my life get ANY worse? everyday is a new experience...everyday is a new challenge...face it, My life is like a story book...



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WTC Christine

Report | 02/17/2007 10:40 am

WTC Christine

That's cool! But, my real name is Nicole. Christine is my favorite character in one of my favorite books. Therefore, I love the name Christine. It's awesome that you have it. = D
WTC Christine

Report | 02/16/2007 12:46 am

WTC Christine

Cute avi!

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The Other Weasley Girl

Report | 02/15/2007 9:17 pm

The Other Weasley Girl

they weren't really... best... friends tho

Report | 02/15/2007 4:07 pm


Hi! Zacky_V says it's ok, and he also want to let you know that his profile's been banned for no reason. If you're interested in talking to him click here
Micheals is da bomb

Report | 02/15/2007 3:30 pm

Micheals is da bomb

HI this is stephanies boyfriend

i never was brandons bestfriend..his always been a jerk to everyone and a anime nerd..for instance..he cussed one of my friends out for no reason
and i dont like him at all.=/

Report | 02/15/2007 7:07 am


Lol. I stopped using Shizuka Skies a few months back. xD
After most of their good profiles were taken off.
I love iceskating. o:
It's fun, except for the countless times I've been pushed down by my friend.
Me and him are always pushing each other down when we go iceskating.
Causecause the first time we went iceskating, I pushed him down by accident, so he kept pushing me back down, and now we're like constantly fighting about pushing each other down on the ice.
Yeah, that didn't make sense and it sounded weird. xD

Report | 02/14/2007 10:04 pm


hey! that quote you saw on brandon's journal, the one you thought was tiyonna's, obviously she didn't tell him it was mine!! go here to find out!!! GAAAHHHRRRR!!! I hate it when people claim that something mine is theirs!!! BAAAAAHHHH!!!!
The Other Weasley Girl

Report | 02/14/2007 5:30 pm

The Other Weasley Girl

i didn't even notice wat was going on unti l recently
im sorry for hurting brandon
i ca't control the way i feel
i feel horrible for hurting him
and i make mistakes ok
im sorry
The Other Weasley Girl

Report | 02/14/2007 3:43 pm

The Other Weasley Girl

who said i never wanted tobe ever agan?
Xen The Wanderer

Report | 02/13/2007 8:22 pm

Xen The Wanderer

she doesn't want to be with me ever again!.....DAMMIT!!!! I'M JUST ONE ******** UP MEMORY....JUST ONE ******** UP GUY!!!!!!! DAMMIT


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